I Had

Sunday, 7.29.18

Yesterday, I woke up feeling nauseous.

Don’t go thinking I’m pregnant, because I’m not. Trust me when I say I know I’m not, and believe me because I really don’t want to go into detail on answering that.

Anyway, I ignored the nausea because I had to work. Well, I take that back. I took a little something. It was enough to carry me to work, and that was about it.

I had a headache, like someone put my head through a vice grip. I took some Excedrin migraine, and I was somewhat better.

I got in my car after work, and stopped at Taco Bell before going home because I didn’t feel like going shopping.

I got home and walked the dogs, and finished my night with Supernatural, Benadryl, and writing a blog.

I started thinking about my day. I was talking a lot. I wanted to be left alone. I was freaking out over something that was under control. Like a bill I thought I hadn’t paid which I did (I’ve been doing this a lot lately).

I got upset at 🌮 Bell when my husband called me while I was in the drive thru and trying to get a hold of my son. I got really annoyed with him for no reason.

I realized that what I thought was a manic feel, was actually anxiety. Not a panic attack! Anxiety.

That’s the tricky thing I’ve learned about anxiety. It can disguise itself as mania, nausea, bowel issues, headaches, etc.

It can make you feel physically ill.

I feel slightly better today. A little antsy and bored, but definitely better than yesterday.


#nausea #anxiety


Picture This

I was trolling around the internet the other day and seen someone posting up a picture challenge for July.

It made me think.

I should do something like that.

So, I went on Pinterest, and found some picture challenges. I found one I liked.

I’m thinking of starting in August because that is always a tough month for me. Too many birthdays, including my own. And there are almost always all these obstacles in my way.

I just need to remember come August 1st!

Sunday, 7.22.18

No Worse Feeling

There are several worse feelings for me. One worst feeling is when you see someone has read your message, whether it be a text, email, IM, and they’ve yet to reply. It makes you wonder what you said that was wrong. What made them get so ticked off at you that they can’t even reply with a comment letting you know they’ve been busy and they’ll get to you when they can? It is one of the worst feelings ever! I guess it’s a sign your friendship has officially ended!

100 Notifications of Nothing

7.3.18, Tuesday

This is my last bit of writing for the night. I’ve been going to bed late the last few days. I really need to get back on track.
So, I started doing some research on getting into a writing groove. Since no one wanted to read my stories and give me feedback (I was willing to give them the story for FREE, but oh well! I know what kind of “friends” they were…non existent.), I had to take it upon myself to do research. Apparently I’ll be the first person in history ever to be a writer, a critic of my own work, an editor, and apparently an agent and a publicist. I’m making it sound sad. Well, it is sad.
I’ve been off Facebook for 3 weeks, and Instagram and Messenger for 2 weeks. I don’t plan on going back on there. I know what to expect already. I once signed off for a month for lent, and all I got was hundreds of notifications telling me who posted what on their own wall. There were no notifications for me. There were no messages for me. I could be gone a year and still no one would notice. Why? Because they never cared to begin with. I was just another number count on their friends list.
They start reading my work, and little by little they disappear like flies. I’d like to think they’re just jealous, but of what? I’ve got nothing they would want. If it’s some sort of writing talent, they can have it. My brain just goes to weird and sometimes dark places. I don’t know why anyone would want that.
My zero views will tell me no one reads this anyway so I’m pretty much free to say whatever I want even though I won’t.
It’s funny how there’s never a balance on the internet. Either people will hit a like button, or they will just give you a piece of their mind. Yet I bet if we ever met in person, they would behave differently.
Oh well! These are just some random thoughts.


Yesterday Was

6.29.18, Friday

I was going to write last night, but I was either lazy, or just tired.

My morning started off with a full moon and Mars starting at me.

And then I had to go to work.

I still had a headache–from the red tide, I think–And then I went home early to avoid going over 40 hours. I picked up meds, got gas, and decided to stop at Publix.

This woman and (what I hope) her son, were standing in the frozen food section for a very long time. I just stood there, waiting. I mean, surely they must have seen me. Or maybe they were so ignorant, they hadn’t even noticed I took out my phone to take a picture of them.

I didn’t really capture their faces, but just to be on the safe side, I covered them with stickers.

Luckily, I got out before it rained.

I got home, and had to take the older pup to the groomers.

She looks like she was smiling, but she wasn’t. She yawned because being groomed is a lot of hard work!

Even Spock was tired.

There was something else that happened before going to bed last night, but it’s embarrassing.

It has to do with the house and trying to get a cheaper rate. I’ve been decluttering and, when you work full time, it’s hard to get things done in a timely manner.

I spent two hours trying to clean… Eh, I can’t. I just can’t.