I Love it When…

I love it when I get to work and the toilets have just been cleaned!

It’s the little things that make me happy.



It’s funny how when I’m looking for an outfit I find nothing. When I’m looking for nothing, I find an outfit.

OK, so I was looking for a new watch band for my Fitbit. My original one broke, and although I ordered a new band through Amazon, I felt naked without a watch.


It’s 10:33 at night, and I’m writing because I need to. I’ve had a sh*tty day!

My craptastic day started last night when my grandma accused me of something I didn’t do. I’d rather not go into details in case I’m being stalked. Everything worked out this morning and she apologized to me.

So, I said I would take my son bowling for his birthday, but I had to work yesterday and I honestly didn’t feel like going anywhere after working 10 and a half hours. I’m practically gone for 12 hours on those weekend days.

My mom texted me asking me if I was coming over but I told her. She doesn’t get it. And on my days off, I’m busy cleaning and decluttering the best I can. I told her about bowling and she was like have fun! I won’t be home tomorrow.

Today she left me an obnoxious voicemail message and I called her only to have her yelling at me like she’s some kind of a jealous older sister rather than a mother.

I said nothing. At my age, I don’t owe anyone but myself an explanation.

Then we go bowling to a different place and suddenly my mom was nice… like nothing ever happened. Fine. Whatever. I brought my MIL with me because they would behave differently with her around (and they did).

So, I’m bowling and I feel eyes on me. I look two lanes over, and there’s my ex best friend with her husband and kids there. Great, right? I just kept my eyes to myself but I could feel their eyes burning into me. If they looked any harder, they would have burned holes into me.

Luckily, they left, and my anxiety disappeared for a bit. I have high anxiety for various reasons (hence this post).

Here’s some pics.


I guess in all the midst of writing about my craptastic day yesterday. Before anything else, I got a call from the Florida Cancer Specialists–one of their corporate offices, I presume–and they said my doctor in Venice wanted to set me up with an appointment for so and so doctor, but I would need to give permission to set an appointment. I had already told them to STFU when they wanted me to see an infection specialist, and when I said no more calls, I meant it. So I wanted to see if they were pursuing their doctor request after I denied them. Well, the receptionist was like it’s to see their psychiatrist for a psychiatric evaluation. I was like my doctor did not discuss this with me, and I’m rejecting it. I got off the phone with them, and called the Venice office and cancelled all my appointments. That doctor crossed a line.

What else am I supposed to do? I called my psychiatrist and I will be seeing him on Friday.

Bye for now.

Watching Sports

I hate when people never watch sports until they learn their home team is in the playoffs! You’ve never been a loyal person, and I can guarantee you that you don’t watch all their games year round like I do. That just tells me what kind of a person they are. Fake. Poser. No wonder why people keep leaving Facebook!

The Attraction of Social Media When Nothing…I mean NOTHING is Going On!

I want to get back into writing about things. I want to get into expressing my feelings, or just writing little short stories of absolutely nothing! I need to get my head straight first. My husband has a blood clot in his fistula. I thought I was capable of taking on a full-time job. I’ve been sadly mistaken, and now I don’t know how to tell my boss I’m willing to work Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (Saturday and Sunday are 10 hour shifts, but if I work that and two during the week–which is only 7 hour shifts a piece–I’ll have a total of 34 hours, which will still keep me in the full-time category because where I work, 32 hours is considered full-time). If I do work those days, I will be able to have three consistent days off. I will be able to make appointments at my convenience and not have to worry about consequences like losing my vacation time due to an appointment and such. Which is what DID happen!

I lost time because of “flip switching” schedules to accommodate part-timers who request days off. It’s not their fault they want a day off; it’s the person who makes the schedules. That’s their fault.

Any..way! SO….I want to get back into the habit of writing. I just can’t right now. I have so much shtuff (Yeah, that’s right…shtuff. I try not to curse in my writings because I curse a LOT in my everyday life.) to clean up and declutter, it’s not even funny!

I used to have a clean house when I worked part-time, but when I work so much–or even back when I had school and classes–nothing gets done. I mean NOTHING! And the thing is no one in the family will help out. My husband has the mentality that because he’s the “breadwinner” in the family, he shouldn’t have to clean. My son’s mentality is he will do yard work, but no cleaning inside because that’s not a “man’s” job. So it just leaves me, my dogs, and my bird. I doubt they’ll be reaching for a broom anytime soon.

So, that’s it. That’s my story.

I’ll try to write more in my downtime (Like at work! I have a 10 hour shift behind the desk on Saturday, and another 10 hour shift behind the desk on Sunday), where I’m not at home and don’t have shiny things that distract me.

I also wanted to add that I don’t get my obsession with Facebook! It’s not like anything really goes on there. It’s an old high school clique. You’re either accepted or you’re dissed. I’ve been learning to diss back. It’s hard because I’m not used to giving people a dose of their own medicine. I figure to let karma kick in, and that will be good enough. Sometimes though, you just have to play the role of karma.

I signed up with Facebook because most of my internet buddies (notice I said most, not all) are older than me. We have writing groups once a week. I get stupid comments on my blogs, but I ignore them and just write, “Thank you”, when all I really want to do is give them a piece of my mind, or write something sarcastic like, “Um, khakis?” Sometimes, just a simple, “Good write!” will suffice as I definitely know you didn’t read what I just wrote…Even though I do write less than 100 words in that blogging group (No seriously, the writing prompts have not woken up the inner author in me at all lately) The picture guesses are dumb, and I just described reasons why I should NOT be on there. Valid point! Maybe I should start pursuing other areas of social media and just leave those old fashioned friends behind.

They’ve never really been my friends to begin with. I’ll get some people go, “Hey, I’m in your area of Florida, wanna meet?” I’m all like, “Sure.” Then suddenly weeks pass, and they’re like, “I just got your message.” Seriously? Is there some vast black hole in Florida I’m unaware of where we just don’t get internet or cell service for two weeks?

I’d better end this rant. Sorry to keep this long. It’s been a long while since I’ve written. I’m just trying to get some things off my chest!!!