I can’t believe I was on this whole blogging kick, and now I feel like I’m over it. LOL…Seriously though, I’ve just been in insomniac mode going on two weeks now. I don’t know why I can’t sleep. I don’t feel my mind is any heavier than usual. I quit caffeine thinking that was the problem, but it wasn’t.  I’m over it and moving on now…

Anyway, today is my birthday, so I am going to see the Last Exorcism. I bought myself a digital camera for my birthday and I am excited about it cause now I can become a part of the wonderful world called vlogging!!! Yay!!! I will keep you posted.




If you’re reading my back posts….Know that this blog no longer exists.  I really wish I knew what I wrote here but I don’t.  You see, I left a link for you to check it out via Myspace.  hahahahahhahaha….What a joke.  Remember that place?


Well, here’s something for happy…Do you like puppies????




Here ya go!!!!  🙂

School Life

Hey Everyone!!!


Today I get a paper back from my instructor, telling me my writing is a little off. I asked her by her standards, how she thinks that’s possible. She ran it through one of those school generators that tells you where you went wrong in your writing.

I love writing, but what I hate doing the most, is editing. I especially hate doing it when it was a boring topic that put me to sleep to begin with. I was feeling a bit discouraged by her words, but now I know that I was tired.

When I looked at the results today, the paper I turned in looked like a rough draft. If I can get an A on my rough draft, can you imagine how it would have looked if I had actually fixed it up???

Well, that’s all for my rant for now…