A Haiku


Written 5/26/08

My life is much like

Some birds fighting for freedom

Fighting over food

When I looked at this earlier, I thought that was how I once felt. I guess you always somehow find a way of reverting back to what you were once before. Or maybe you revert back for a brief moment. It’s kind of like being in recovery; there will always be slip-ups whether we intend it or not. My slip up is depression and falling down the black hole. It doesn’t happen quite as frequently, but it comes and goes like waves.



One thought on “A Haiku

  1. Hi Diana,

    I found this poem very profound.
    I guess I relate very strongly with your image.
    Depression is my fault (amongst others) too. It’s not as bad as it was in my teens, but it still grabs me and drags me down from time to time.
    Fighting for freedom is very apt because anyone who has had to cope with depression knows it is a fight to get yourself back to some kind of normal before it hit.
    I think sometimes the past comes to remind us of things we need know right now. I find most often the postive I can take from it when it happens is how far I’ve come.
    Thanks for sharing this Haiku. It was a beautful and thought provoking read.

    Take care


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