Today’s Education and Yesterday’s Television

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Hey Everyone,

How is everyone today? March is almost over; I am almost done with day 22 of Lent; and I’ve been doing nothing but watching T.V. all day. Yes, you heard correctly. I actually turned on the television, turned on my PS3, and I tuned in to Netflix. I watched Rockula. It’s a movie I haven’t seen since I was about 13 or so. Then I started watching the first season of the Munsters. I still prefer the 1960’s version of the Addams Family better. Charles Addams created the Addams Family as early as the 1930’s. You gotta admit that’s pretty genius for those days. That’s all I’m saying about that.

So anyway, I had no homework that was due today, so I just spent it relaxing a bit. I put on some music, and started cleaning the house. I know that sounds weird, but cleaning is my relaxation. I am cleaning and organizing at the same time. When things are organized, I feel like my mind isn’t so cluttered. Well, that is, until I need something and make a mess looking for it again.

Home schooling is going well, but it gets hard to teach some things to someone that loses interest easily. Today, I taught him how to read Roman Numerals. He learned that MCMXCVI is the year he was born. I find it shocking that they stopped teaching cursive and Roman Numerals in school. Times sure have changed since I went to school, and the sad thing is I’m not much older than my kid. There is only an 18 year gap between us. Technology has really changed and I guess educators feel students don’t need to know such things because it’s automatically built into computers. They decide to let the computer be your brain. I wonder if everything will be like that movie Idiocracy with Luke Wilson. Well, if you like stupid comedies, you will like that. Moving on now.

So, I’m teaching him things that will interest him. Today, we discussed the history of American football. We even found some vintage football clips from 1904 on YouTube. I swear that site has every possible video footage out there. After that, I had him read, and we are going to be working on a short film.

I keep making my kid work by writing and doing this kind of math, and taking some kind of test, but I always forget that not every day in school is a work day. My son was in a Montessori school, and that meant that every other day, he had what was called Specials. One day would be art, the next music, and so forth. I have to learn how to keep the curriculum a balance of everything so he doesn’t lose interest completely. Hence the short film.

Casey and I decided to make a zombie film. This should be an interesting twist on things. When we get everything prepped and ready, you will be the first to see it. I can honestly say my life is anything but dull. LOL.
This is all that’s been going on today; nothing more to report.



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