Unchained Heart

Unchained Heart

I have my heart
It is unchained
Free to soar
I live life to the fullest
I love all freely
For my heart doesn’t belong to one
It belongs to many
Still, my heart’s free to soar
Free to be
To allow me to be
But I lie to myself
And say my heart belongs to not one
But it does
While it loves all unconditionally
It only belongs to one
And thus the heart cannot fly
It cannot soar
Nor be free
Because it wouldn’t be fair
To her one and only

Written by ©Diana Jillian on 5/14/11


One thought on “Unchained Heart

  1. This poem to me highlights the power of the heart. To love one so fully and completely and still retain a sense of freedom.
    The heart has a large capacity to love a alot, so I personally don’t feel it’s lie to say you “…love all freely” and only one.
    There are so many different levels of love and ways of loving and the heart is capable of them all. 🙂

    Thankyou as always for making me think. 🙂


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