The Good and Bad of Love: Part III: Teenage Drama

Note: I did not use real names…

Part III: Teenage Drama

While I am about to post this, I decided to re-read anything that might not be appropriate. Nope, not a thing, which means that I can go on with my story. Which reminds me where I left off. I believe I was talking about being in some relationships, only not really because I wasn’t ready to give a part of my innocence away.

It’s not that I was a prude or anything, it’s just that I was so self-conscious, that I was worried if I were doing something wrong or not. Rumors can be awful when you’re a teen. I would have rather had no reputation than a bad one, and that was exactly what I had, no reputation. No one knew me as anyone but my older brother’s baby sister, which was kind of moronic considering I’m only a year younger than him. I know, I know, I’m delaying the inevitable. Let’s just say that while I was kind of in relationships, I wouldn’t find true interest in having an actual relationship until I am 17. That’s where the fun begins.

Yes, in case you’re wondering, I’m still fantasizing about possible relationships here and there. It’s about a week before my 17th birthday, and I have to move to Florida. Ugh, the last thing I want to do is move to the sunshine state. I thought I would have had so much potential making it in New York. My hometown; my home; the place where I grew up. I had secretly hoped that some guy would notice me, and beg me not to leave. Would that have meant true love for me? No. It would have meant a temporary means to an end of living my life with my controlling parents, or should I say, controlling mother.

My mother was not exactly an easy person to get along with. She had a lot of drug issues. The sober mom was super fun to hang out with, but the stoned mom, was not. If there was one thing that my fragile ego couldn’t stand, that was my mom, and her many personalities. I ask you, who wants to be around that? And that was why I dreamed of some man just whisking me away from all of that.

Even though I wasn’t truly in love with anyone, nor was I interested in anyone, didn’t mean that I wouldn’t try to find someone. It didn’t mean that I wouldn’t try just to get out of my home. I found out in the end the difference between falling in love, and falling in lust.
Part IV: Love and Lust will be tomorrow.


Written by ©Diana Jillian



2 thoughts on “The Good and Bad of Love: Part III: Teenage Drama

  1. Hi Diana,

    I totally hear you on the teenagers. There is the saying kids can be cruel, but I think teenagers are the worst, so I can completely understand your wanting to not have a reputation.
    It certainly is a harrowing time moving at that age especially when you are feeling settled and in a comfort zone about the place that you are in.
    I wonder though if it’s the fairytales we grow up with or something deeper that has girls dreaming of guy to whisk them away to a better life? Hmmm I’m being rhetorical here. I know there isn’t really an answer to that. I’ve just noticed it is something very common.
    Again I can relate to you story on several levels.
    I look forward to the next installment.



    1. I hope you enjoy your time with your Grandma. 🙂

      There’s nothing wrong with Prince. 🙂 If it makes you feel any better I had a total crush on Donnie Wahlberg in his NKOTB days when I was a 11/12
      Yeah falling for the “bad boy” *shakes head*
      Thankfully I grew it out of quickly *LOL*

      p.s. you can laugh at that, I do. 🙂


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