The Good and Bad of Love: Part IV: Love and Lust

I’m gonna post everywhere so I can give everyone a chance to comment…If you want…You don’t have to….It won’t hurt my feelings….The names in here are purely fictional…


Part IV: Love and Lust

Was I the only one that was clueless on the differences between the both? I must have been. The boys I met that were interested in me, must have sensed this a mile away. That had to have been why they thought we should be just friends. God, how I hate being told that. I think it was mostly because I wasn’t giving them the one thing they wanted most from me. Nearly a year after moving to Florida, I decided to take a chance, and give up my last part of my innocence. I truly thought I met the right person too. Hey, I was 18 back then, what did you expect?

Before I go any further with this, let me explain to you a little bit about Virgos. They can be both loud and shy. They are well grounded people, which is probably why they’re an earth sign. They are very self destructive individuals, and can stop upon realizing if they’re hurting someone else. Virgos can be very indecisive, but when they make up their mind, they’ll stop at nothing to get it. Notice how I put down the word, “indecisive”, because that is exactly the type of person I am.

I often thought that if I had never moved to Florida, that I would know what career path I would want to take. For all four years of high school, well more like three years, I wanted to become a CPA just like my aunt. I took nothing but business classes, and I was prepared to go to a community college if I had to. I’m sad to inform you that it never happened for me. My mind doesn’t seem to work like others. While when I set my mind to do something and stop at nothing to get it, I also have this thing in my head that when things take too long to accomplish, I would give up on it. Little did I expect it would take a few non-existent relationships, and a surprise, to make me realize I can stick to anything if I wanted to.

I finally decided to give up the last part of my innocence, what little I had left, to someone completely random. I had decided I had enough, and I wanted a relationship, a real one. I found a job sometime after high school let out, and that was when I had met someone. His name was Del, but Del won’t be mentioned too much longer after this. I’m just mainly explaining him because as the short amount of time he was in my life, he would still have some kind of an impact that changes my life, for the better. Let me explain Del.


Stay tuned for Part V of the saga: Del…

Written by ©Diana Jillian

The names are purely fictional…The rest of the story I can’t deny…Or can I?


One thought on “The Good and Bad of Love: Part IV: Love and Lust

  1. What struck me in this blog, is your eventual discovery that you can stick to something if you want to.

    And no you weren’t the only one. I think most of us have to learn the difference between love and lust. 🙂 I feel that’s part of what our teens is about, learning those lessons for adulthood. Learning what the world and people are all about in a more mature and ultimately complex fashion.

    I think our teens are terrible times especially if they’re compunded by a mental illness or family problems. Your mind is growing so fast, your body in conflict with all you’ve learnt thus far, and your desires race ahead well before your maturity arrives.

    To change your mind, etc. You know I think it’s most teens. Those that have such ambition and focus, I admire it but I don’t think they represent most teens. Most of us in our teens are hot and cold, all or nothing, do or die.
    Actually I’m still like that *LOL* but that’s beside the point. *LOL*

    At some point it all comes together, life hands you a ball you can carry and all that to and fro and indecision and confusion suddenly make sense. You calm down with age, thankfully *LOL* In someways life just gets harder but you have the tools to manage it, because you went through all the conflict. I hope that makes sense.

    Anyway…I’ll stop now *lol*. Thankyou as always for making me think! You are a treasure. 🙂



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