Day 29: Striving

Hello everyone.

It looks like I’m able to actually write in here and post a picture…

I posted this on my status, but figured to post it here as well…Here it is.


I take one step forward and three steps back.
That’s okay cause I wind up back on track.

The world may be dark and cold,
But I am here strong and bold.

Willing to fight
For sacred light.

Willing to try
To do or die

Those that leave me
Are meant to be

They don’t like me for who I am
Because they feel they’re a sham

And that’s okay
Because today

And everyday

I’ll manage to love
To always rise above

Written by ©Diana Jillian


Day 28:

Sorry to my readers. This is a post to put in Blogger, but I can’t seem to publish on there.

And apparently loading pictures isn’t working either. I need to sign off.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but I’ll be glad when these challenges are over. There really wasn’t much to these challenges. I mean, I think they should have been more well-planned considering there was so much time in advance.

Some of these challenges sound a bit convoluted. IDK. IMO, I guess.

I thought this challenge was to help boost your blog but it truly doesn’t. It was suggested to stop by other blogs, but it doesn’t work the same for reciprocation. With that being said, I shall keep up the challenge to prove I can stick with something, and then I’m done. I don’t have time for this as I’ve seemed to have lost my muse by writing such trivial things and feeling pressured to turn in something.

I have my own blogging group to where I post weekly challenges. I was late posting my weekly challenge, and I haven’t submitted a challenge piece in weeks now. Namely when I started this challenge. I will just do everything the hard way and slowly work my way.

I make the effort to comment back, and if you stop by my blog, I stop by yours. I am good about that. I think that the biggest blogging site is still Myspace. I started blogging again a year ago, and have a bigger audience than here. I’ve been posting frequently on here for a few years now.

I can also be found on WordPress.

I know it sounds like I was complaining, but this is all I have. I just noticed how I feel more stress now more than ever.

3 more days and counting.

Until next time…

Never Lost

Written by ©Diana Jillian 10/22/11

I wondered about you
And I wandered for you
But you were out of reach

I never understood why
Until today approached
Leaving me uneasy

You could have wandered too
But you didn’t
Because the past was dead for you

The past keeps living for me
Despite my trying to end it
I just want to forget it all

Too many memories
Unwanted feelings
Anxiety lingers

What could have been?
Had I ran a different path
And avoided you completely

How I wish I did
How I wish I did

Then I wouldn’t be looking
And finally have found
What was never lost to begin with

Never lost to begin with

Both Sides of the Story

Hello Everyone!

It seems as though my last blog caused quite a stir.

When I made the statement that forgiveness is hard, that did not mean that I haven’t given in to forgiveness. Because I very well did give into forgiveness.

I was stating that distance makes the heart grow fonder because forgiving is easier that way when you keep your distance.

As a human being, you need time to grow apart from someone.

Chances are if you are being hurt by someone, then it was someone that you’ve grown close to, and that is also someone that you need to distance yourself from for the time being.

Photo found on Photobucket
Now that I got that out of the way, I want to discuss the next step….

We all know how we feel in a situation when it arises. The question next is, what’s the other side of the story?

We see our side as the victim in a horrid situation, and it’s up to us to learn the power of forgiveness. What about the other person? Did we listen carefully to the other side of the story?

While I was angry with a friend. I spoke to someone that was friends with both that person and I. What I found out from this mutual friend was that my betrayer had her own issues.


She was insecure and was fishing for compliments. If it wasn’t compliments she was fishing for, she was looking for confidence.

I never understood why this person would say things that they thought would please me. I couldn’t understand why this person was just not being herself.

It’s because she doesn’t know how to be herself.

So much time’s passed and life has happened, that this person just let others dictate her life. She never knew how to live her own life…


She had to live similarly to me. Only, I didn’t have the excess baggage the way she had, so living my life would just be out of envy.

As time went by and I learned the power of forgiving, I now understand the other side of the story.

My friend and I aren’t on speaking terms although I did try to rekindle the friendship.

Some things are just not meant to be.

In other news, I will be ready in a few days or so to make some new video blogs.

Stay tuned.


Teddy Bear, Teddy Bear, Turn Around

Hey everyone!

Today is bring your teddy bear to work day. I don’t work, but I do have a teddy bear.

(BTW: That is not a hand, that is Teddy taking pics all by his lonesome. LOL)

I found this little guy a few years ago at the Dollar Tree, and I grew partial to him.

As you can see, he’s not camera shy at all.

Have a lovely day everyone! 🙂

Back and Forth


I’ve been to hell many times
Feels like a daily trip
When will I make it to heaven?
And give hell the slip?

Seems like never
Despite my clever

Taking two steps forward
Falling ten steps back
The usual routine
Becomes an annoying knack

Will the simple ever
Fall in together?

And you praise me
But I still fall
And you lift me
Never when I call

And I wonder if you heal
Wondering what is real

When the bough breaks
It’s me that still aches
For all of the mistakes
The core of me shakes

Bitten through lies
Strength of alibis
Can I rise?
If I look in your eyes?

I know and wonder
But I’ve fallen asunder

Written by ©Diana Jillian

Hermit Crab

Hey everyone!

This is a poem I wrote a few years back.



Little darling one
Your time has just begun
Won’t you come out of your shell
And have a little fun?

Don’t be afraid little one
I’ll be there to guide you
If harm comes your way
I’ll help guide you through

With life comes obstacles
With life comes miracles

Take a breath
Let out doubt
Take all the bad

It all can be how you perceive it
If you close your eyes and believe it

Little darling one
Your time has just begun
Won’t you come out of your shell?
Come out and see the sun

Don’t be afraid, little one

Written by ©Diana Jillian