Get Up

Get Up

With the expansion of time you set your mind
Most is the case if only you remain blind

What you see is not always what you get
Struggling to find the nearest sunset

And you tumble down lower
Lurking over your shoulder

And you climb to reach to find
Anything but it was left behind

When you try to cast
A glimpse of your past

The trap of looking back

Through all time and tears
Wasted doubts and fears

Keep going forward

Don’t fall into the trap

Be all, be free
Be you and see

Live in the moment

You’ll never forget
Never regret

Looking back


Written by ©Diana Jillian


One thought on “Get Up

  1. I can very much relate to these sentiments. Sometimes we do get into a rut with our feelings especially where the past in involved.It’s good to have reminder sometimes that the past is just that, the past and we need to live for now and tomorrow.

    A really nice poem.
    And my apologies that I haven’t been around much to read.



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