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Quote of the Day (This may or may not pertain to my writes, FYI:)
“Leave yourself alone.”

~~Jenny Janacek

Hey Everyone!

Before I begin my journey of Day 7 of the 40 Days Of…., I want to do a little reflection of something.



It was then I learned:
It was a hard lesson to learn. I went in expecting my friends to change, but it was me that needed to change. I learned the hard way that if you don’t like something, GET OUT WHILE YOU CAN! And so…I did.
I am calling forth more people like me….



Hahahahahahahahahha…….Okay, ready…
Can you link





Quote of the Day: (Keep in mind the QOTD may not play with my writes…and that’s okay too 🙂

“Without work all life goes rotten.”

~~Albert Camus

Hey Everyone!

It seems my last few blogs have made a few concerned about my health.

I am a fighter.

I am a survivor.

I’ve surfed harder waves than this, and I shall ride this one out as well.

Are you familiar with the term fibromyalgia?

It’s a condition in where you suffer from pain…Sleep disorders and such.

This is a condition that derives from depression.

I am experiencing signs of this.

When vitamins don’t work

Nor pain pills

You know it’s psychosomatic.

I’m trying to fight it the best way I can…

I am getting better at it

One day at a time

I will get there.

I appreciate all your support and your kind wishes.

I just need to get my mind in the right place

And everything will be copacetic.

I’m almost there.

Before I leave you with one last thought…

I want to let you know….I’m NOT starving myself.

I’m just eating healthier…Purifying my body from the toxins of processed foods. This is not a fast in anyway, shape, or form.


Let me ask you….

Are you a Man?


Are you a Muppet?



Quote of the Day: (Keep in mind it’s just a quote that may or may not pertain to my stories. LOL)

“Forewarned, forearmed; being prepared is half the victory.”

~~Miguel de Cervantes

Hey All,

I am not a drinker, but I feel like I’ve been drinking last night. I have THE worst headache ever right now.

I’ve been not my usual self this past month. I’ve been very tired and sluggish. I can’t even get into the activities I once enjoyed.

I have anemia, but I’ve been taking my iron. I am wondering if I’ve been consuming too much caffeine. So I have cut that out of my diet for now. Not having caffeine equals massive splitting headache for me. Today is a no-concentration day.

I want to make something clear about me and my religious preference. I have no religion to follow. I basically follow my own path.

Last year I wanted to do something different with my life, and someone mentioned about Lent on a website of some sort.

LENT? That was like that movie 40 days and 40 nights. This movie was made in 2001, but I probably just seen it maybe 2 years ago or so. I’m not big on movies….Anyway.

I heard about it and thought to myself how hard could it be???

The answer: VERY HARD. It’s a whole 40 days of going without something that usually fits into your daily routine like Facebook. I’m sad to say that. It where the main form of communication lies for some odd reason.

Any who. I get carried away or not whether healthy or ill. LOL

So I tried Lent. That does not mean I’m Christian. I’m not Wiccan nor am I Jewish. Well, I am heritage-wise in my mind, but I’m not religious.

However, just because I am not religious, does not mean I am an Atheist either. I have my beliefs but I just won’t conform to any one religion.

Wow, I sound superficial….

The point is, I just want to show how difficult it is to change a lifestyle once you get used to it. Okay, so I am no longer calling it Lent…I shall call this “40 Days Of….”

The reason why I will call it this is now it will be what can you do to benefit yourself in just 40 days?

My 40 days will consist of not being on certain websites that I’ve grown used to and I’m on constantly all of the time. The other thing that I want to go without for 40 days is processed foods which will be hard considering everything you buy is practically processed…Well, not apples and potatoes as far as I know. I’ve been sticking with that so far and doing good I might add.

Okay, now that I have that over and done with, onto my day 5 of the 40 Days Of….

Sorry. I get carried away sometimes…

The fair was fun. I had the zeppole because I wanted to. Not too bad considering I went 4 days without junk food. I plan on going right back to no junk food and I have. That was just a one time deal.

Oh yeah, I washed it down with some Pellegrino as well.

Today, I think I will be taking it easy. I will be nursing my headache. Maybe actually watch some TV. I know I’m shocked too. LOL…and just REST. I think I need it.

I cannot believe it’s almost 4PM EST. I can feel this day slipping away already.


Security Blanket


Today started out from yesterday.

Let me go back.

Yesterday, I informed a friend that I have to take my bird to get groomed. She then asked if we were still going to hang out. I said yes because it’s the fair and usually the good stuff happens at night. She was worried about her 7-year old daughter and saying that fairs get crowded at night and she might get lost.

I informed her that two years ago when her daughter was 5 I took her with me to the fair. It was a night that she had to work late and desperately needed a sitter. I told her I’d watch her but I’m going to the fair either way. Okie Dokie Artichokie. Everything was copacetic.

I took the child to the fair and I didn’t lose her as far as anyone knows. 😉 That was a joke. I hope you know I’m a responsible adult…Maybe.


I digress.

Any who…

This friend of mine has two kids. One is 19 and the other is 7 as I have…well, stated. I should really do this in video so you would get that I’m trying to be funny. I’m just a smart @$$ so don’t mind me.

Anyway, she’s done things with the 19 year old. She’s taken him to various places and has done things with him. The 7 year old…Not so much. I’ve known this woman since the child was at least 2 years old. I’ve never seen her do anything but complain about her husband leaving her.

Having no money is the reason she does nothing with her daughter. Having no money and no husband is her excuse for not doing anything….That is her security blanket.

I know this other person that won’t do anything nor go anywhere without her cell phone….

You can’t have a conversation with her in public without her pulling out her cell phone and texting someone back…IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR CONVERSATION I MIGHT ADD!!!

Her cell phone is her security blanket.

I’ve had a friend more recently that only wanted to hang with me in secluded places such as places her friends wouldn’t be at or just chilling at her house. She was like paranoid that I was trying to take her friends. W/E right? Keep em…

I even once had a security blanket. I called it my little brother…and then as he grew….it became my son. You see. I always had an excuse as to why I couldn’t hang out with someone. I had to watch my little brother. I would take him everywhere I went and days when he didn’t want to go with me, I would guilt him into going….I’m a bad sister…I know.

Then I had my son. I would take him everywhere with me, but I learned from the mistakes of what I did with my little brother. I wasn’t going to guilt my child because I want him to have an independent freedom. I want him to not feel he needs to hide behind a security blanket.


Since I made this rant so long, I may post another one later, or I may just wait until tomorrow. I only want to do one blog per day. I don’t want to flood everyone with my mundane Lent reports….LOL.

I will be going to the Venice Fair…weather permitting that is…I will have a good time. I’m thinking of breaking Lent just this once so I can have a zeppoli…What do you think??? Is it worth the risk???

I think so too. 😀

Here’s a 48 second video I took yesterday of my bird. I tried to get him to say, “Hello.” It was mostly me doing all the talking…Oy! Go figure! LOL.



Hey Everyone!

It is 20:00 here on the east coast. That still means I have four more hours for something crazy to happen. LOL.

I have been spending Lent emailing a very good friend of mine and it helps with the Lent process because she’s doing the same. I mean she’s doing something for Lent but it’s not the same as what I’m doing. I should be more specific. hahaha….Well, on to my story.

I did good and resisted temptation of junk food. I had an apple with peanut butter and then some yogurt. I baked a potato and I made a cheese sandwich. I’m sure that’s good for you. I’m justifying here. LOL.

A friend of mine reminded me of that movie Sliding Doors. Have you ever seen it?

I just had to sign for new terms of service…What’s that all about??? LOL.


In the movie if I can recall correctly. The same girl living lives in different parallel worlds, one goes one direction and the other in another. In the end of both the worlds, they wind up exactly where they should be anyway.

I won’t lie and be one of those people that will say I don’t have regrets. I believe the only reason why we don’t have regrets is because they haven’t quite invented the time machine so we can’t go back to see what if or something like that.

I think either way, looking back on my life, I was supposed to be where I am: I am with my soul mate, and I have an almost 16 year old kid that’s doing pretty darn well…Not trying to brag and all.

So life doesn’t always turn out the way you expected it to be, but it does bring you a journey of lessons to pass on.

Honestly, I had plans when I lived in NY…But getting whisked away to a far away land called FL, life itself had other plans for me.

Am I complaining?


I am right where I’m supposed to be.

Whether I was in NY or here…I think everything works out the same in the end.

So, here’s my day 3 rant.



Hey Everyone!

I got a little lazy today.  Hey, it happens to the best of us, right?  Well, that’s what happened to me.  I did some laundry and a little cleaning.  I passed around an email a few times.  I’ve been on Twitter, Myspace, Pinterest, Blogger, Hotmail, Gmail, Azlyrics.com, Amazon, and the ever-famous You-Tube.  All the while, I was writing my story trying to finish up.  With all that I’ve checked, you can tell I’ve had a BLAH kind of day.

Now I decided to get a yogurt while writing my blog to you.  I know…Do I over-share?  Possibly, but *shrugs* This is supposed to be about my days of Lent, right???  Not once did I go to the name I’m not mentioning…No it’s not Voldemort.  All though, that would be funny…

I also didn’t have any kind of junk food today…Well, unless you count yogurt as junk food, but I don’t think so.  It’s blueberry and pomegranate straight from Publix.  It’s a grocery store in the south.

I was also playing around in Photoshop…Wanna see what I was doing???

I was at a Hallmark a while back and saw this. Unfortunately, when I took the pic with my camera phone, it came out blurry. Stupid phone. LOL….There were also these:
I’m a sucker for positive quotes.  I actually colored the Peter Pan one in Photoshop, and I gave Mickey Mouse some color as well.  Yeah *pulls up pants higher*  I was very busy at doing absolutely nothing.


Hey All!



Lent 2012

Okay, so most of you know Lent is early this year.  It will be next Wednesday, the 22nd of February.  I am going to take another 40 days off the site I’d rather not mention, but you know what I’m talking about.  LOL.  Lent goes from the 22nd of February until the 5th of April.  So from the 21st of February to the 5th of April I will be off and reinstate my profile on the 6th.It’s good for me to do this as it allows some personal growth and since site not mentioned allows you to delete your profile and reinstate it, then that’s what I’m going to do…Quick question:

I will be blogging daily in here letting you know about my adventures while on Lent, but do you think it would be more fun if I video taped them???  Let me know…

Bye for now!  😀


Happy Fat Tuesday!!!

Okay, hey everyone!!!So it’s the day before Lent, and ironically it’s Mardi Gras, and I have decided that I’m going to try something different.  For the next 40 days, I will not eat anything unhealthy.  I will try to only eat healthy foods.  I’ll have to make up a diet plan or something…I think I’m going to mix it up with vids and such.  I will post some blogs, and I will post some vlogs.  I’ll let you know how that goes.  First I have to test my Studio Player to see how well it works to doing what I want it to do.

I’ll be keeping you posted…

Until Next Time…



Anticipation: Day 1

It’s only 13:18 right now so the day is not done quite yet.  I only had eggs and coffee.  I wonder if coffee is preserved to last longer?  If anyone knows, please let me know.  When I said I wanted to eat healthier, I meant I will start to prepare my own meals like pasta.  I would like to make it from scratch than to buy from the box as I found out it’s a processed food and takes too long to digest.If I want a healthy snack, I will have to prepare that as well.  That means no more Twinkies and such.  I tend to stress eat a lot.  This happens when I’m writing or doing something. I also tend to eat when I’m depressed.  Well, it depends on the kind of depression I’m feeling at the time.  But that’s another story.I was going to record my day, but I’m having an off-day today.  I think I will try to record my day tomorrow.  We will see what happens.  The fair is coming up, so I want to do something…What though???

Well, that’s the ramblings of me…Day 2 coming up…TOMORROW.  LOL


Later on…

So earlier today, I went with my son to GameStop.  It’s a video store.  He wanted to renew his X360 membership, and I wanted to get a video game for my time being off said site…I decided to buy F.E.A.R. 2 for the PS3 and I must say I suck when it comes to hand-eye coordination.  I need to play a more easier game for the time being.  It doesn’t matter if I like horror or not.  Now, I am looking at Sonic games. LOL.

I gave up on the game…Well, my son took over most of the game anyway….And I decided to turn on Netflix.  I am now watching the original series Dark Shadows that starred Jonathan Frid.  He was the best Barnabus, wasn’t he???