Hey Everyone!

I got a little lazy today.  Hey, it happens to the best of us, right?  Well, that’s what happened to me.  I did some laundry and a little cleaning.  I passed around an email a few times.  I’ve been on Twitter, Myspace, Pinterest, Blogger, Hotmail, Gmail,, Amazon, and the ever-famous You-Tube.  All the while, I was writing my story trying to finish up.  With all that I’ve checked, you can tell I’ve had a BLAH kind of day.

Now I decided to get a yogurt while writing my blog to you.  I know…Do I over-share?  Possibly, but *shrugs* This is supposed to be about my days of Lent, right???  Not once did I go to the name I’m not mentioning…No it’s not Voldemort.  All though, that would be funny…

I also didn’t have any kind of junk food today…Well, unless you count yogurt as junk food, but I don’t think so.  It’s blueberry and pomegranate straight from Publix.  It’s a grocery store in the south.

I was also playing around in Photoshop…Wanna see what I was doing???

I was at a Hallmark a while back and saw this. Unfortunately, when I took the pic with my camera phone, it came out blurry. Stupid phone. LOL….There were also these:
I’m a sucker for positive quotes.  I actually colored the Peter Pan one in Photoshop, and I gave Mickey Mouse some color as well.  Yeah *pulls up pants higher*  I was very busy at doing absolutely nothing.

One thought on “Boredom

  1. Hi Diana,

    Very nice work with the treatment of the pics and quotes. Positive quotes are good. They’re just that bit more motivating. 🙂

    I wouldn’t put yoghurt in the junk food category either.

    I’m glad to read you’re off to a good start, even if some days are not quite the productive days you imagine.



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