Hey Everyone!

It is 20:00 here on the east coast. That still means I have four more hours for something crazy to happen. LOL.

I have been spending Lent emailing a very good friend of mine and it helps with the Lent process because she’s doing the same. I mean she’s doing something for Lent but it’s not the same as what I’m doing. I should be more specific. hahaha….Well, on to my story.

I did good and resisted temptation of junk food. I had an apple with peanut butter and then some yogurt. I baked a potato and I made a cheese sandwich. I’m sure that’s good for you. I’m justifying here. LOL.

A friend of mine reminded me of that movie Sliding Doors. Have you ever seen it?

I just had to sign for new terms of service…What’s that all about??? LOL.


In the movie if I can recall correctly. The same girl living lives in different parallel worlds, one goes one direction and the other in another. In the end of both the worlds, they wind up exactly where they should be anyway.

I won’t lie and be one of those people that will say I don’t have regrets. I believe the only reason why we don’t have regrets is because they haven’t quite invented the time machine so we can’t go back to see what if or something like that.

I think either way, looking back on my life, I was supposed to be where I am: I am with my soul mate, and I have an almost 16 year old kid that’s doing pretty darn well…Not trying to brag and all.

So life doesn’t always turn out the way you expected it to be, but it does bring you a journey of lessons to pass on.

Honestly, I had plans when I lived in NY…But getting whisked away to a far away land called FL, life itself had other plans for me.

Am I complaining?


I am right where I’m supposed to be.

Whether I was in NY or here…I think everything works out the same in the end.

So, here’s my day 3 rant.



One thought on “Reflections

  1. Hey Diana,

    I see day 3 has bought some food for thought for you.
    I believe everything happens for a reason. Regrets for me are ways of learning for ourselves. Plus I think life would be rather dull if we always got it right and never made a mistake. Sometimes the pain doesn’t seem worth it, but I think ultimately it gives us an experiance to pass on to others and lends us a wisdom for ourselves to make our future better.
    I don’t think you need to justify what you are eating. It’s all healthy especially when eaten in moderation. Granted opinions differ on what you should and shouldn’t eat but you know in your heart what is right and healthy for you. Just follow that and don’t feel you have to justfy your choices.
    I’m glad your doing so well with your goals for Lent.



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