Security Blanket


Today started out from yesterday.

Let me go back.

Yesterday, I informed a friend that I have to take my bird to get groomed. She then asked if we were still going to hang out. I said yes because it’s the fair and usually the good stuff happens at night. She was worried about her 7-year old daughter and saying that fairs get crowded at night and she might get lost.

I informed her that two years ago when her daughter was 5 I took her with me to the fair. It was a night that she had to work late and desperately needed a sitter. I told her I’d watch her but I’m going to the fair either way. Okie Dokie Artichokie. Everything was copacetic.

I took the child to the fair and I didn’t lose her as far as anyone knows. 😉 That was a joke. I hope you know I’m a responsible adult…Maybe.


I digress.

Any who…

This friend of mine has two kids. One is 19 and the other is 7 as I have…well, stated. I should really do this in video so you would get that I’m trying to be funny. I’m just a smart @$$ so don’t mind me.

Anyway, she’s done things with the 19 year old. She’s taken him to various places and has done things with him. The 7 year old…Not so much. I’ve known this woman since the child was at least 2 years old. I’ve never seen her do anything but complain about her husband leaving her.

Having no money is the reason she does nothing with her daughter. Having no money and no husband is her excuse for not doing anything….That is her security blanket.

I know this other person that won’t do anything nor go anywhere without her cell phone….

You can’t have a conversation with her in public without her pulling out her cell phone and texting someone back…IN THE MIDDLE OF YOUR CONVERSATION I MIGHT ADD!!!

Her cell phone is her security blanket.

I’ve had a friend more recently that only wanted to hang with me in secluded places such as places her friends wouldn’t be at or just chilling at her house. She was like paranoid that I was trying to take her friends. W/E right? Keep em…

I even once had a security blanket. I called it my little brother…and then as he grew….it became my son. You see. I always had an excuse as to why I couldn’t hang out with someone. I had to watch my little brother. I would take him everywhere I went and days when he didn’t want to go with me, I would guilt him into going….I’m a bad sister…I know.

Then I had my son. I would take him everywhere with me, but I learned from the mistakes of what I did with my little brother. I wasn’t going to guilt my child because I want him to have an independent freedom. I want him to not feel he needs to hide behind a security blanket.


Since I made this rant so long, I may post another one later, or I may just wait until tomorrow. I only want to do one blog per day. I don’t want to flood everyone with my mundane Lent reports….LOL.

I will be going to the Venice Fair…weather permitting that is…I will have a good time. I’m thinking of breaking Lent just this once so I can have a zeppoli…What do you think??? Is it worth the risk???

I think so too. 😀

Here’s a 48 second video I took yesterday of my bird. I tried to get him to say, “Hello.” It was mostly me doing all the talking…Oy! Go figure! LOL.


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