Busy, Busy


Today’s Quote:

You’ve got to do your own growing, no matter how tall your grandfather was.”

~~Irish proverb
Hey Everyone!

It has been an extremely long day. I’ve been doing good and still eating right. Last night before dusk, I got a chance to go outside and walk a mile. That’s good.

Day 17 and no junk food and I am proud of myself despite my cravings. I also noticed I dropped a few pounds. Yay for me…

Today, I was taking nails out of the floor because we’re no longer going to have carpet in the bedroom…It’s too much of a hassle…So bye-bye carpet.
I had to take Andy to work and I had to pick him up. There was so much that had to be done today, and I am whooped…
I’ll leave you with this:

Growing Up

At my age
I’m a grown up
But I don’t feel like one

When did this happen?
How did this happen?
A distant dream I can’t recall

I was a child
Then a teen
Now an adult

I’m still a daughter
But now I have a teen
And he’s a child

In my mind
He always will be

When did this happen?
When did I transition?
From child to adult

How did I become
A grown up?
An acceptable part of society

I shake my head in wonder

Written by ©Diana Jillian 3/9/12


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