Worry (With Pictures)


Today’s Quote:

“Archie doesn’t know how to worry without getting upset.”

~~Edith Bunker
Hey Everyone!!!
It looks like Andy’s blood-work came back and with the exception of blood sugar and pressure, everything else looks good. He’s got a clean bill of health. He just needs to keep taking the medicine for his blood pressure and diabetes, and all will be great!!!
I weighed myself again today and I lost another 2 pounds. That’s great. Now my new goal is 10 pounds more so I’m not considered overweight anymore.

I’m almost 35, and that’s the age to start watching…Not that I shouldn’t have been watching before. I’m saying I should be extra careful now.
Okay, so here’s some fun stuff.
I took some pics….I went walking sometime last week and took a series of pics. Both sets were taking at the same time. With each series, one was taken with a flash and the other one wasn’t.
I’m just trying to show that the “orbs” may just be bugs or reflections or dust shimmering off the flash. Otherwise, they would show when the flash is off as well. Even daylight pics can get reflected from the sun. I have a necklace that shows these “orbs”.
Miracles come from within. My son almost dying and overcoming the outcome is a miracle…

Here are the pics:

I’ll see you tomorrow, day 23

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