Still Going


Today’s Quote:

“With each sunrise, we start anew.”


Hey Everyone!

I truly did start my sunrise anew today. It’s nearing sunset, and I’m a little in a funk.

I took Andy to the doctor and they injected something in his right eye to help with the swelling. They said he may or may not improve. I truly don’t know what this means. I thought things were pretty hopeful, but I don’t know. I truly hate seeing him so upset.

In other news…Remember a while back I mentioned I was homeschooling my son??? Well, I’m still doing that. We’ve been working out of a big GED book. It’s high school material, but I’m hoping it prepares him for when he decides to go back to regular high school, or he decides he actually wants to get his GED early.

I’m hoping for the second option and not because I want to take the easy way out with him. I want to do it because I think it would be easier for him to avoid the pressures of other peers. He could go to a trade school or maybe early admission into college??? Who knows what the future holds. Some things are good to have a mystery to. 🙂

Okay, I rambled quite a bit…I’m going to go now.

The no junk food is still going strong. I had an overdose of caffeine today I have to admit, but I’ll be back on track tomorrow.

See you on day 30, with only 10 days to spare…


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