1, 2…Skip a Few: Days 42 & 43

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Today’s Quote:

“Rest is the guardian of health.”

~~Melba Colgrove

It’s easy to get so busy, we forget to rest. Resting is good for the soul…Meditation is a very good thing…

Hey Everyone!

I was meaning to make a blog yesterday but I rented an audiobook and before I knew it, it was 3 in the morning. I figure I may as well post two blogs in one since my rants are trivial anyway.

I’m still doing good in the sense of no junk food. This was easy. Wait until you see what I have challenged for myself for next year!!!
I have a whole year to work towards this goal so I can do my 40 ++ days of…. Without any problem…Or at least I hope.

I will try to quit cursing for that time!!! Say what now???
I’ve been trying to say more of Mother of Pearl and Son of a Beeswax and such. We shall see. I say things like Shite (That’s pronounced Shy-eet) Or so to speak. LOL.
Well, we’ll see. LOL
I know I said I would do a video….*SIGH* I had so many stupid little plans all up inside my ginormous cranium…Putting physical use to it is a different story.
Today, I took Andy to the doctor because one of his meds he’s on (We’re not sure which one), was giving him a rash. TMI, I know, but the doctor gave him something else to get rid of the rash and swelling. I got my fingers crossed it will work.
Now…If I can only do something about his memory. LOL.
Well, it’s pretty quiet here, so I’ll be going.

Sorry I haven’t stopped by blogs but I will. Give me time. I get around eventually.
See you on day 44


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