The anxiety is rising. It’s driving and thriving.
Taking over all of me.
There is no room
I cannot breathe
Cannot be free
From the gripping terror it has over me
And feeling what I feel with my endless mind
Time has never shown me anything kind
Not when my mind is unclean
Messy and completely unseen


Try as I might
Lost in the flight
I will find common ground
I will find the lost found
And like waves out in the ocean
When tempering winds cause commotion
Eventually there is a calm that arises
Quietly and amazingly full of surprises


I think I can….
I am me once again.


6/6/13 Written by ©Diana Jillian

One thought on “Anxiety

  1. Hi Diana,

    A really great poem!
    You’ve described very vividly the state of anxiety. I very much relate.
    Thank goodness for deep breathing…we all need that light at the tunnel.
    I hope you are well?
    *Big Hugs*


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