How We Met: Part II

How we met:  Part II

Cody’s Story:

I’m not one for folk music.  But the nineteen-sixties—and that’s
including the seventies—were a very strange time.  A strange time
indeed.  Though while Diana was in her coma just dreaming away of the
same day over and over again, all I could think of was Leonard Cohen’s Stories Of The Street:

With one hand on the hexagram and one hand on the girl


“I balance on a wishing well that all men call the world.

“We are so small between the stars, so large against the sky,

“and lost among the subway crowds I try to catch your eye.”

Diana and I may have met at the beginning of time, but she wouldn’t
even give me a glance.  We were Nephilim amongst many of humans.  And
demons, and other monsters that you find mythical but in fact, they are
real.  But I digress and that’s another story.

Back in
those days, I was known as Coedroynan and she was Deanarella.  I
wouldn’t recommend trying to say those names.  Were our parents trying
to be mean when they named us?  No.  In fact, names like that were
popular amongst the angels and Nephilim.  Unfortunately times have
changed since then.

Humans and angels used to assimilate
together, which is why so many of our kind were born.  All the rules
kind of vanished once the fruit
of knowledge was bitten into.  Then we had free will and all that good
stuff.  But with all that stuff, came chaos and illness, and that’s how I
finally met Diana.

She was taking care of her human
mother, who at the time, was dying of a horrible cancer.  Only back in
those days, they called it “natural causes”.  And yes while Nephilim
like she and I are able to heal other humans, her mother made her
promise to never heal her.

Her mother believed that there
was a purpose for everything, and that when it was her time to go, Diana
would have to learn to adjust and let her go.  I, of course, learned
all this on the first day we finally met.

She was over at the riverbank, washing some clothes.  I heard her crying and asked her why she was crying.

She quickly stiffened up and stopped crying.  I can tell she was so upset, she hadn’t noticed I was approaching her.

“I-I wasn’t,” she quickly replied.  “I accidentally splashed some water on my face when I was washing the clothing.”

I managed to say.  I don’t want to argue with her.  I never want to
argue with her, but I could tell she was going to put up a fight.

I decided to speak up again.  “Perhaps I could help?”

looked over at me.  I have always seen her but never this close up.
Her hair is a burgundy color.  It’s straight and falls to her waist.
Her eyes are as green as a peridot gemstone, and then there were her
lips.  They were—and still are—a dark pink color.  They are full and
pouty.  They are lips I can see kissing forever.  And when she looked at
me, it was like she saw me for the first time.

I don’t
know what was going through her head.  Did she gasp because she felt the
same way about me as I did her?  Or did she look shocked because I am
standing by the riverbank with her?

“You want to help,” she questioned my offer.  She still had that shocked look on her face.

“Well, yeah,” I began.  “I mean if you want help.  I don’t want to be rude.”

I mean, it’s fine,” she sounded surprised.  “I never have anyone that’s
dared to ask to help me.  Then again, I never had anyone that has dared
to speak to me.”

Her words had thrown me for a loop.
What exactly did she mean by no one dared to speak to her?  Why would no
one want to speak to someone so beautiful and delicate?

“Why is that?”  I had decided to ask her.

“I thought everyone knew,” she replied.

I travel with my mother,” I replied.  It’s the truth.  My mother is an
angel and together, we go on missions throughout earth, as well as
various other places.  “I’ve only been here for a few weeks.”

“My father’s a fallen,” she replied.

fallen are angels that have been cast out of Heaven.  They are on Hell
and Earth.  My mother and I make sure to try to keep the balance but
there isn’t too much we can do with free will and all.  We only try to
persuade those that have been tempted, but seem like there might be hope
to lead them away from temptation.

I smiled at her.  “Is that supposed to scare me?”

I watched as she stared at me with astonishment.  “He’s scared everyone else off.  He’ll find a way to get to you.”

“And why is that?”  I became curious as to why her father won’t let anyone talk to her.

“Sirothenian,” was her reply.

I’ve stated earlier, don’t even try to pronounce these names.
Nowadays, a name like Sirothenian is most likely considered to be a name
like Seth or something like that.  I asked, “Is that name supposed to
mean something to me?”

“I suppose not since you’re new here.  Sirothenian is who my father wants me to be with.  He’s a demon.”

the time, because of Lilith, everyone was trying to create their own
hybrid.  Unfortunately, one of my missions is to destroy the Nephilim or
demons that carry such a baby inside of them.  If one is born, the
world could be in turmoil.

It is said that Nephilim, such
as myself, are powerful creatures.  But to have a Nephilim and demon
hybrid would be disastrous.  There is too much power for one being to
have.  Not that any of that would stop a fallen from trying to create
such a thing.  After all, Lilith created just about every creature
possibly known to man.

Or, I should say, at that time she
was the only known being that created hybrids and monsters and such.
Many other cultures and beliefs were manifested into being.  I don’t
know how those things work, I just know they do and I knew at that
moment, I needed to get Diana out of that place.

“Well you don’t seem happy about it,” I said to her.

“I don’t really have much of a choice.”

“Sure you do.  We all have choices.”

“Then you do not know my father,” the tone in her voice sounded scared.

“I can help you,” I found myself saying.


“We can leave together,” I told her.  “You can come with me on my missions.”

“But I can’t just leave my mother,” she replied.  “She’s sick.”

“Well,” I thought about it.  “We can take her with us.”

“But I do not know you.”

“Well then, let’s start now.  I’m Coedroynan.”  I took a bow.

“Deanarella,” she curtseys.

“You see?”  I smiled.  “We are one step closer to getting to know each other.”

For a brief moment, the corners of her mouth have lifted up.  I felt like I needed to add more.

“And on our missions, we can get to know each other better.”

wrings out the clothing and places them on her arm.  “I suppose we
could give it a try.  This could be a new beginning for my mother and

We head back to her place where she hangs up the
clothes on the line.  When she’s done she says, “I’ll go and talk with
mother and see what she says.”

I nod.  “I’ll wait out here.”

enters the house and it gave me some time to think.  I knew of a few
things at that moment:  One, I can prevent another Nephilim from
procreating with a demon and two; I was already in love with her.

laying eyes on her, I always thought the term “love at first sight” was
irrational.  But I knew then as I know now that Diana is all I wanted.  She is all I’ll ever want and I can only hope that we can finally convince her father of that.

Written by DJ 6/9/13


5 thoughts on “How We Met: Part II

  1. Hi Diana,

    You are ever so good so good at the teaser! 🙂
    I read this piece and enjoyed it but ran out of time to comment. Reading again I still enjoyed it. There is so much potential in where this story can go. It’s been a long time since I’ve read anything angelic related and it was nice to see the care and time you obviously took in establishing the two main characters and their positions.
    Then again I like stories that have many layers to them.

    I hope there will be more to read in the future.
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful wiritng!

    Wishing you a great week ahead! 🙂
    *Big Hugs*


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