The Chemistry

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He wanted to know what I remember.  To tell the truth, it’s all in bits and pieces.  I do remember what would happen every night since my father set the curse on Cody and I.  I was dead and so was Cody.  You would think that when Nephilim die, they wind up in heaven.  That answer is far from wrong.


The truth is, we wind up in the land of the in-between.  The sixteenth century was a new era back then.  Everyone started calling the in-between place purgatory.  Unfortunately, humans were only half right about purgatory.


What humans don’t realize is the ghost realm, and purgatory, are two completely different planes.


In the ghost realm, you have a chance for redemption.  In the purgatory realm, there is no hope.  It is a game of survival.  Every day for the past two centuries, I had to fight my way through purgatory.  But I’m glad I was not alone on my trip to purgatory.


I had Cody.  Purgatory can be such a scary place.  Most assume that crows would be there because they represent in-between worlds.  This is not the case.  There are some, but mostly, there are doves.  These doves in particular are called mourning doves.


When these doves cry in Purgatory, they let out a high-pitched sound, alarming others that there are visitors.  Cody and I don’t always have our powers when we’re in Purgatory.


The creator thought it would only be fair if human souls had to live there, then monsters of all kinds would have to be borderline mortal.  In other words, their souls are mortal and therefore it is all about the survival of the fittest.  Although sometimes, you do actually find souls that don’t belong in purgatory.


How does something like this happen?  I’ll give you one answer:  Demons.  Well, it’s mostly demons.  Some are witches and sorcerers that are evil.  They will sell your soul to the highest bidder.  They will steal your soul, snatch it away from you, and take it either for power or for profit of some sort.


Now, I know I’ve said before that once your soul is in Purgatory, there is no getting out.  You can’t ascend to heaven and you can’t descend to hell.  You can’t even become reborn.  But Cody and I had found a way to help those that truly deserved a chance to go to heaven or become born again.


How could we not help?  We were stuck in Purgatory during the day and up all night, trying to think of ways to beat my father at his own game.  We actually found a way to rescue souls believe it or not on our journeys through Purgatory.


Now if you’re wondering how we got in and out of purgatory, the answer was unknown.  I think it had a lot to do with the curse my dad cast upon us.  This was punishment for my disobeying him and not marrying Seth like he had wanted.


We were more like enchanted.  And the few hours we spent in Purgatory per day felt like eternities.  That’s how slow time moves.  But we somehow found a way out and we managed to smuggle the Charles Dickens.


Yes, you’re reading that right.  No, you’re not seeing things.  There was only one problem when we rescued Mr. Dickens from Purgatory.  We kind of brought him to our world, and it wasn’t just any part of our world we brought him to.  He was with us and witnessed the horrid fashions of the nineteen-seventies.


How a human soul survived in Purgatory for over a hundred years is beyond me, but this writer certainly did that.  When we brought him to our place, he looked at the television like it was a foreign object.  Cody and I then pointed him to the books on the bookshelf seeing as that might be more familiar with him.  Only, it wasn’t as familiar as we realized.


He picked up a Batman comic book and was asking all these questions about the history of Batman.  We explained to him about America’s Great Depression and the war, and how Americans were desperately looking for heroes.  Then he asked a crazy question.  He asked if he could meet Batman.


Now I know there were comics back in his time.  I know this because Cody and I were the ones that started the trend by writing on the walls and such.  There are a little too many trends we started that I’d rather not get into right now.  The point is, Dickens knew Batman wasn’t real, but I think he figured that if we were able to get him out of purgatory, we would be able to procure Batman himself.


Luckily, we learned a few tricks from the sorcerers we met throughout the years.  We opened up the comic book, and out came Batman, in comic form and all.


He too was confused when he looked around.  He didn’t understand the three-dimensional world that we lived in.  I think our bringing a fictional character kind of changed the comic book timeline because once Batman was back in the comics; he was quoting works of Dickens.  Yes he too read the works of Dickens.  It was a strange sight to see.  But I managed to fix everything.


I sent Dickens soul up into the heavens, and I sent Batman back to the comic books.  While that was one of the good advantages of going to Purgatory, it is still a very scary place to go.


It may be scary I reiterate, but it must be done.  My father cannot get away with punishing me anymore.  I look at Cody and I take a deep breath before speaking.


“When I was stuck in that coma,” I began.  “I felt like I was in heaven.”

“You did?”  He sounds surprised.

“Yeah,” I replied.  “Do you know how long it had been since I had seen the sun?  How long it had been since I had felt the sun on my skin and not the grimy slime from Purgatory?”

“So then what happened?”

“I don’t really know,” I answered in an honest fashion.

“I was there on the beach and suddenly I felt like I was there waiting for someone.  I had my sketch pad and pencil and I would enjoy the sunset while drinking my baybreeze.”


A baybreeze, by the way, is a drink made with pineapple, cranberry juice and vodka.  I normally prefer a coconut baybreeze which is with rum because vodka kind of makes me a violent Nephilim as to where rum makes me placid.  I love the taste of both but I haven’t had a drink in a very long time.


I must have just been conjuring in my dreams what I truly wish I could be doing if I wasn’t always on the run, hiding from my father and all.


“I was like that for a long time,” I continue.  “Until you showed up.  I felt like it was love at first sight all over again, well, up until the last time you showed up to wake me up for good.”  I was really confused that last time he showed up.  My father must have used a stronger spell or something.


“But then you would fall asleep and wake up and forget about me all over again,” he replied.


“Yes,” I answered.  “And that was strange.  I remember all the details now which only means it was probably another spell my father had put me on.”


I noticed that Cody has stopped the car.  We are at our destination.  There is a secret door in the center of the States—which is located in Belle Fourche, South Dakota—and it ‘s that spot underground that will lead us into purgatory.


We get out of the car and look around to see if anyone notices.  Once the coast is clear, we head underground.


While walking through the sewer, a thought occurred to me.  I was thinking about when I was in a coma and something Cody said.


I looked over at him and asked, “So how did you finally manage to enter my dreams?”


He looks at me as he’s trying to push against the walls to find the hidden door to purgatory.  He then answers a question with a question.  “Do you believe in the power of science?”


6/21/13 by DJ


4 thoughts on “The Chemistry

  1. Hi Diana,
    My apologies it has taken me so long to get here. *sheepish grin*
    Great writing as always and the story is building nicely.
    I got a good smile from Dickens and Batman. I would love to see that episode expanded on especially how the the time line for Batman was fixed and the proccess used to get Dickens to heaven.
    But then I’m a curious bunny that way.
    Best to you with your writing. I do enjoy your stories.
    Tiki. Xxx


    1. Considering they are prompts you are amazing!
      That is very admirable that you are keeping your commitment to blogging. It can get difficult when life is crazy.
      I hope you are able to take some time out for yourself too.
      Tiki. Xxx


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