Into Purgatory

I am reviving this story….I originally shied away from this because I was sensitive and I took it to heart that only one sentence was focused on!  It was part of the prompts…Anyway, fast forward to three years later…I think I am ready to quit being so silly and sensitive and, just finish this dang story already!






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And now, Part V




“What do you mean science?”  She raises an eyebrow at me.  “You know we were all a creation.”


“That’s true,” I say.  “But since free will and all, we were left to fend for ourselves.  Before He decided to keep quiet, He made sure we had all the materials necessary for everything we need here on earth.”


She bites down on her lip.  Whenever she bites on her lip, it means she’s thinking about something I have said.  “That’s true,” she finally replies.  “Then please tell me how you finally managed to enter my dreams.”


“Well, you know about the African dream root, right?”  I begin.


She slowly spats out, “Yes.”


“It doesn’t work,” I continue.


“Oh,” I can tell I’m confusing her.


I go on.  “It doesn’t work unless you add some other ingredients.  And then you have to say a spell.”


“I thought only certain beings can cast spells.”


“That’s where the science comes from.”


She gives me a funny look.  “We’re back on the science thing again.”


“Well, this guy, Simon is a scientist.  He doesn’t realize his ancestors were sorcerers.”


“So,” she is trying to grasp what I am saying.  “This ‘Simon’ helped you enter my dreams,” her tone is questioning.


“Exactly,” I answer.


“So now you’re the master of the universe,” she smiles at me.


“Laugh all you want,” I say.  “But it took me forever to find this guy to help me.”


“OK, OK, I’ll stop teasing,” she says.  “So what other ingredients did you use?”


“You won’t believe it but it required quite a few metals as well as minerals like cinnabar and such.”


She shakes her head trying to think about it.  “That sounds crazy!” she exclaims.


I clear my throat.  “Yes well your father didn’t exactly make this easy either.”


She sighs.  “I’m really sorry about that.”


“Don’t apologize for him,” I say.  “You have no control over his actions.  After all, this is why we are going to purgatory to see your dad.  We are going to put an end to all of this once and for all.”


“You’re right.  Let’s find that loophole and get to purgatory.”


If you tap into the wall the right way, you can get into purgatory.  I touch the wall and I see Diana doing the same.


“I found it,” she says.  I look to see her hand has slipped in the wall.


“Let’s go,” I smile.


We both walk through the wall and now we are in purgatory.  It won’t be long now before we confront her father now.



7/13/13 DJ


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