Summertime Blues

“There ain’t no cure for the summertime blues.”
There’s a lot of messy grays mixed with hues

And I know as I’m from the Land of Flowers
Lightning shows us its thunderous powers

But I am volitorial, a magnificent part of seven
Watch as I fly straight into the heaven

And just like watching birds on a wire
There’s no stopping me once I’m on fire

8/25/13 DJ


It Was Just My Imagination




It was just my imagination

To think we could all co-exist.

Why even bother?

But I think you get my gist.


That no matter what, through skin and blood,

We could always find a way to get along.

We know better.

This doesn’t have to be a bittersweet song.


We live in hatred and prejudice and violence.

It’s hard to sit idle and bow my head in silence.


We can all agree when it’s hot or cold out

Yet we can’t agree and just be chill.

We are hurtful and nice at the wrong times

I ponder as I sit by the window sill.


We are all just sheep, running with the flock.

Why be at a war when we are on a clock?


We are the sacrificial lamb.


And yet, we still cannot get along.

Are we still singing the song?


Prepare to be boarded.

Together is far from what can be.

Wishful thinking is what I am

Daydreamer is little old me.


8/17/13 DJ



The Confrontation: Part VI

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Purgatory is not a place you want to be.  It’s not heaven where all your good memories are.  It’s not hell where all your bad memories are either.  It’s more of a neutral territory.  There is no power once you reach this plane.  And by power, I am referring to supernatural power.  These creatures look just as ordinary as any other human/animal but don’t be fooled if they escape.


No one wants to be in purgatory and everyone does try to escape at some point.  Some succeed only to be brought back here, and most fail trying to escape.  There are only a few good beings—innocent beings—that fall into the purgatory trap.  When they do such as Dickens, someone usually comes to his rescue.


Diana and I usually come to the aid of someone that has been wrongfully trapped here in purgatory, and this had upset her father very much.  It never made any sense as to why Roman—knowing the good that I do—would have cursed us for the past millennia, to spend our days in purgatory.


We didn’t mind being in purgatory because it meant saving lives.  Ten years ago was when Roman took things too far.


Roman is not your typical overprotective kind of dads.  He has an agenda of his own.  His goal was to have his only daughter marry Seth, a demon, just to have a more powerful bloodline.  Because Diana is firstborn, she would have had the most powerful child the earth realm had ever seen.  Her father deemed me as a threat and because she wouldn’t leave my side, he cursed the both of us.


By sunrise, we would die and wind up in purgatory.  By sunset, we were alive again, but were no longer able to enjoy the daylight.  That all ended today when I found the cure.  But I didn’t want to take the cure without Diana.  She has risked so much to be with me, the least I could do is wait for her.


At any given time since the beginning of our meeting, she could have gone to Roman, and she could have agreed to have married Seth.  But she never did.  For some odd reason, she keeps on choosing me every time.  I admire her strength and her love for me and that is why I have so much love for her as well.


Our love has lasted throughout time and today will be the ultimate test.  What will be the outcome of today?  We will soon find out.


We have now arrived in purgatory thanks to the time warp we found.  In purgatory, it never gets dark, yet it never gets light.  It’s a dismal and dark place.  If you can, try to imagine a world that’s cloudy all day, only it doesn’t rain ever.


“We have to get past that crashed plane in the water over there,” Diana says as she points in the direction we need to go.  “From there, we need to find what will look like an abandoned boathouse.”


I nod and we start walking.  We go through the plane and we find the abandoned boathouse.  Heading over there I ask her, “Are you OK?”  I notice she’s got a look of worry on her face.


“Did you not notice how quiet it was to get here?”  She asks rhetorically.  I look around and in that one singular sensation, I know exactly what she’s talking about.


“This is a set up,” I say mostly to myself.  Diana nods in agreement with me.


“It’s important to be prepared for anything,” she adds.


We go inside the abandoned boathouse where I see a painting of Rembrandts’ 17th century painting, Bathsheba with David’s Letter, and then it occurred to me.  Of course her father would have a painting of someone being seduced by someone just because they have power.  Just what is her father up to?


“I see you finally made it,” an old slivery voice says.


I turn my head to see a Fallen in front of us.


Diana crosses her arms.  “Father,” she says coldly.


It was bound to happen sooner or later.  I knew this day would come.  Now we’re going to find out what her father has to say.


You’ll Never Know

There is something I own that can never be shared

No one can know how truly I am scared

I hide all my feelings behind a mask and smile

But you’ll never truly know until you walk a mile


You tell me your problems but I never reveal mine

I use my humorous ways to hide my depressing time

And the only reason why I don’t share is because I’m strong

It’s the way I have to be.  To show that I truly belong


That’s just the way it goes.  The way it has to be

Why it is?  Who knows?  I guess it’s my destiny


8/2/13 DJ