The Leopard or the Chameleon

leopard and chameleonLeopard pic from and chameleon pic

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The Leopard or the Chameleon


Which do you choose?
On what you want to lose
As far as making changes


Do you choose forever spots?
Waiting to see if it rots
And if you wait long enough it changes.


Do you choose the chameleon?
Who changes with every season?
Making a destiny of their own


And with each step you take
Is a new path you make
Mistakes are of the unknown


I never once claimed that I was not
Full of doubting dreams and rot
I too can become the leopard


But in the end it’s the same
When I am playing this game
I choose the changing chameleon


10/26/13 DJ

I had this whole journal entry written but I’m afraid there’s too much cursing in there.  In my personal life, I curse like there’s no tomorrow.  I try not to be that way in public.  And I definitely try not to be that way when I write for the public.

Most give me their interpretation on my poem and I love that others can relate in a different sense.  I thought I would delve a bit into what this poem was about.

Earlier today, I decided to do something I had been contemplating a very long time to do.  I was never sure if it was the right thing to do or not.  But then I looked and I could see those that do care about me.  They know how to reach out to me no matter what and they know how to be my friend.

These people are genuinely concerned for me.  Not some phonies that come along pretending.  And definitely not someone that is so insecure, they just need to add another notch in their belt.  Then it dawned on me that they’re predictable.  Like a leopard.  They claim they change but in reality, just like a leopard, they never change their spots.

And that is okay.  Because I for one am a leopard as well.  No matter how many times I try to convince myself that I’m the chameleon that can adapt to change and can change in color.  I am trying to work on that.

Throughout the years, I have taken feedback from others, and I have applied it to my life.  I think it helped me to become a better person.

To some I’m cynical.  But really I am not.  I know things because some are just that predictable.  And it’s easy to fall into routine.  Well, not for me but it’s easy for others to fall into routine.

Some days I wake up and I turn on the coffee pot.  Other days I wake up and crack open a can of cola.  Then there are days I wake up and open a bottle of water.  Some days I’ll eat breakfast at 9 in the morning and other days I’ll have breakfast at 4 in the afternoon.  It all depends on when I’ll have time for this and that…And of course, when I’ll feel hungry.

Okay, I’m done ranting but I think you get the picture.  Some of us are evolving….Changing…For the better.  Some of us haven’t quite evolved yet…changing for either better or worse.  I never to into any kind of relationship whether it being friend or relationship trying to change someone.  They were that way before I met them and they’ll be that way long after I’m gone.  And that’s okay too.

My question to you is…Are you a leopard or are you a chameleon?  Tell me why you made that choice.

~~Blessed be…


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