Just Beyond

“Do not go gentle into that good night”**
Stay with me and put up a good fight
You promised you would never leave me

But I can feel as you are slipping away
But I fight just to have one more day
Before you answer that unknown caller

We can run and never bother looking back
And this could be our one final pack
As we take a journey from somewhere just beyond

The unknown?
Our new home?
Just beyond
12/8/13 DJ

**Top line from a writing from Dylan Thomas

Always You

And as another day unfolds
Who knows of stories beholds
Another day, dollar, or year
Surprises filled by the loads

What you’ve seen or hear
Thoughts can become unclear
Yet you’re there by my side
I find nothing for me to fear

And even when I try to hide
There you are, strength abide
Even during times when I’m blue
You’re my friend that I confide

Because you are my only true
And I know it was always you

DJ 12/7/13

Leaving The Past Alone

Leaving The Past Alone

I am guilty of falling in love with the memories
I have fallen in love with the picture and name
But not the true self of the being
That causes suffering and pain

They say a camera never tells a lie
But I beg to differ
The picture seems different
Than the mirror

But I know that when it all boils down to in the end
I will always be the same person I’ve always been
Maybe I just failed to notice the signs of others
Or there was a beauty of theirs I sought to win

But life’s too short to go chasing after others
And I will never again ever be that chaser
Instead I will try to leave you behind
Written with pencil and a big eraser

12/6/13 Written by ©Diana Jillian