There comes a time
When one must realize
When to break free
When to cut ties
Ignorance is bliss
But I’m not built that way
I wish I could forget all
And start a new day
However, if I did have ignorance
Kept it by my side
I wouldn’t feel shame
I’d have nothing more to hide
If I lived with ignorance
Could I still rise?
Could I still love?
Or would it be my demise?
In the end
It’s what we can see
What engulfs us
Is what we believe
Diana Jillian 9/30/10

One thought on “Ignorance

  1. Hi Diana,

    This is a really heartfelt poem.
    I’ve felt similar to this at times. Sometimes having a greater awareness seems to be more pain than its worth. The greater awareness though I think despite the pain gives you more choice. Ignornace just leave running around in circles but never never knowing that you are or why.
    I think you’re better for knowing then never having known.
    This is a really nice piece. It gets you thinking.
    Thankyou for sharing.



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