A Blog a Day for the Month of April?

Hey Everyone!!!

So I’ve decided to join the A to Z blogging challenge for the month of April.

How do I get myself into these things? LOL.

I’ve tried this once before.

I failed.

I will try again.

Maybe this time it will be better.

Wish me luck! 🙂




From My Mind to Here

Hello There!

I originally had this whole blog written out, but I forgot everything I went to write.

I’ve been thinking about how I would like to live a more positive life.  Like the life I had before this whole fiasco with my other half getting sick and all.

I forgot how to be that positive person.

I forgot how to go on with my life.

I’ve been hiding out in TV Land, which we all know, is never a good thing, but it’s a coping mechanism.

Such is life sometimes.

But I do wish to change.

And that is why I have left the one place that was most negative on my life.

Such is life sometimes.


No Warning

It all came without warning
As I woke up to this groggy morning
And I ask you where is the sun?
On this dreary day that’s gone for a run
And left behind gray clouds to play
Dripping their menacing tears today
Rain, rain, rain in the sunshine state
On days like these, I never want to awake
And for now, I must wait
For I know that the place of fate
And it will end when it says when
That’s my queue to count to ten
After the rain, snowbirds arrive
Crushing and bruising, yet one must survive

©DJ Thursday, 5/2/13

Falling Through

And as I fell through the cracks
Letting the tears flow with the dripping water
I reflect upon frangible life
Wondering how one so vigorous
Turns into the feeble
And I ache with every lament
But I wear the grinning mask
Never to show how unsound I am
If I could remove what lacerates
Then believe me, my love, I would
But I’m breakable like you
No remedy from my fingertips
I shall not mourn
I shall remember only good
Never to show my sorrow
Though I don’t know
What I’ll do
When you resign from me

©DJ 4/4/13