Update 3/8/14



So, I’ve done some soul searching….As I always do around this time of year.


I’ve decided I can’t be on FB and be able to focus on my writing.  Something had to give.


And it wasn’t like anyone was listening to me over there anyway.  I truly don’t blame my friends as they are awesome.  I blame the site because they’re all about who pays to go onto FB and who doesn’t.


If you’re a non-payer like me, they don’t want my posts to be seen.  I know this from experience as I had opened up a fake account to see just what was going on with my account to begin with.


Yes, I am that anal and filled with borderline OCD.  I always like to see how my page looks from another’s POV.  It wasn’t looking good, and that’s saying a LOT considering I was my only friend!!!!!  o_O


So, here I am, blogging.  I’d like to keep up my blogging habits rather than to be on a site where you get passed up.  Besides, I was losing my main focus and that was to write.


I had a blogging group on there that went over like a lead balloon.  I guess no one likes groups anymore.  After all, this isn’t Myspace…Er, um, the old Myspace, I mean.


Anywho…  I found an old picture…



This was from either 2000 or 2001.  I really can’t remember.  Life’s been a blur since I’ve moved to Florida.  The seasons barely change around here.  Everyday feels like summer.


Anyway, that’s Dave and Sherry.  They used to run the local karaoke around here.


Dave just passed away about a month ago due to a seizure while being sick with pneumonia.  He was only 54 years old.  His death is still a shock to me, not just because I’ve known him for almost 20 years, but the fact that he was the guy I’d always thought would outlive me.


I guess that Billy Joel song is true that only the good die young.


In any case, death really puts your life into perspective.



Until next time…





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