Z is for

Z is for


Wednesday, April 30th, 2014


Zombie. Eh, I’ll leave it off at that.


I went on this whole zombie kick a few years ago. I was obsessed with zombies. I even wanted to make a little home movie about a zombie invasion that occurred because of some meteor that fell to earth and became toxic. I asked for help, and every idea I had, those that wanted to help me would shoot my ideas down.


I had this idea to make it so a scientist got bit by a zombie, making him only a half zombie so he could still speak, and my friend was like, “Zombies don’t talk.” Two years later, I’m watching this movie called Warm Bodies.


I was really kicking myself about it. I should have just stuck with my idea and not listened to anyone else.


Chances are if something sounds weird to someone, you should go ahead and put your “weird” idea into motion. Because it’s most likely that someone else will have the same idea as you. And they’ll be the more successful person because they didn’t listen to anyone while you did.


And that concludes my daily A-Z blog for April. I may or may not participate again next year. I don’t know. We’ll see.


It’s been fun, and in the meantime, I do hope you do stick around to see my regular posts.




Y is for


Tuesday, April 29th, 2014



One time when I was younger, I was at my grandparents’ clothing shop. This lady was trying on this yellow jumpsuit, and I accidentally said out loud, “Yellow! Ew!”


The lady turned around and said, “I didn’t like yellow either when I was your age. Someday you’ll grow up to love yellow.”


It’s been quite a few decades since that incident, and I still don’t like yellow. I was always a purple and pink kind of girl.


Then one day when I was 15, I discovered I liked the color green. I had never liked the color green at all, but then I fell in love with green.


Yes, I am aware that green has nothing to do with yellow, but it does in some way, right? After all, it’s a mixture of blue and yellow. While yellow is not a bad color, I find it’s not a color that would go well with my olive toned skin. I even like the color orange—not because it’s the color of the NY Mets and Islanders—but I still don’t like any shade of yellow until it’s mixed with other primary colors. Eh, I read too much into things sometimes.


What’s your favorite color?


X is for

Monday, April 28th, 2014


X is for



According to my dictionary, Xi is the fourteenth letter of the Greek alphabet. It’s also a cheating tactic that others use when they have an X in their game of Scrabble or Words with Friends, to earn extra points.


I find that to be an unfair word considering you can’t use Spanish words to fill the grid with like Hola or something like that. But Xi is OK. I give up.


Word boards like Scrabble and WWF have never made any sense to me.


What do you think of when you hear the word Xi?




4/27/14, Sunday


I found a website to where you can permanently delete your Facebook profile:  http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2342599,00.asp  It takes 14 days to be deleted permanently.  You also have a chance to recover that page if ever you decide to change your mind within the two weeks of deletion.

I think this website might have been the reason why Facebook does memories now. LOL.. They probably didn’t want anyone to permanently delete their accounts.  Who doesn’t love a little nostalgia?




W is for

Saturday, April 26th, 2014




Does your mind ever wander off to another place? Maybe something is not going right in your life, and you just need a little escape from reality.


I’ve done it. But I would often wander about in my mind during class. I was always told I was a daydreamer. They put me in special education classes to get some extra help because they thought I was dumb for being a mind wanderer.


It never dawned on them that I might have just been bored, or maybe I was a prodigy of some sort. No. It was assumed that because I came from a blended family, I must have been in a broken home.


You know what they say about assumptions, right?


Anyway. So I wander off. So what? What’s wrong with wandering off to someplace mystical in your mind? I think teachers should have used that as an opportunity to be more creative with their school work rather than them realizing that perhaps, just perhaps, they’re boring.


Where do you wander off to?





V is for

Friday, April 25th, 2014




Up until moving to Florida, I was always moving around the state of New York. I was born in Brooklyn, and from there, I moved to Long Island.


Then I moved around twice in Long Island before moving to Queens. Then it was back to Valley Stream on Long Island. Then back to Hewlett, where my grandma was still residing. Then I moved around Long Beach…TWICE! Then finally we moved to Florida.


Being a vagabond when you’re a child is tough. It means you have to make new friends, and start all over. Your old friends want nothing to do with you. Then they’re mad at you for something that’s out of your control, like moving.


I once had this friend in Queens that wouldn’t even speak to me because I moved to VS, and then when I lived in LB, my other friend told me if I moved, she would never speak to me.


She really meant it. But truth be told, if you’re a friend, you’ll be a friend, no matter what.


FB helped me to connect with some old friends that did want to be my friend. We just lost touch after a few years. Either that, or I lost addresses and such.


If you’re a parent with underage children, please take this tip from me. If you’re going to move around, make sure that either you move in the same vicinity, or at least make sure the kid is being home schooled.




U is for

Thursday, April 24th, 2014


Understanding. It’s a concept that’s hard for me, but I do try.


I have some friends that I’ll never understand, and I’ve passed judgment on them in the past.


I never got to understand where they were coming from.


Then one day, a light went on inside my head.


I was starting to understand their point of views.


I understood why they are the way they are.


It was definitely eye-opening.


And now I know how to handle a situation if I were to ever meet people like them again.


I know however they act, it’s not my business.


I can only focus on me.