C is for…

Hey Everyone!!!

Cancer is a very tricky thing.  You can either have malignant cancer, or you can have benign cancer.  I have benign.

I mean it’s so weird to say that I have benign cancer because cancer is cancer, right?

I had this skin tag on my eyelid that was there for years, and within the past few months, it grew irritated and bigger over the past few months.  Only a few months.

Because of my Government paid insurance due to my lack of job these days–because I take care of my son and my other half who is suffering from kidney failure–eye doctors do not want to take my kind of insurance.

So my other half paid for me to have this skin tag removed.  $211 later, the test results of the biopsy came back as basil cell carcinoma.

I honestly didn’t expect this to happen.

I wear sunblock all the time…Not to mention I wear sunglasses whenever I go outside.

I guess it can happen to anyone at anytime…

The doctor told me I was too young for this to happen, but like I said, can happen to anyone at anytime.

While it’s benign, it still doesn’t mean that it doesn’t scare me to death, because it does.

See you on day D



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