P is for

Procrastination—I think it gets the best of all of us. For instance, I can start writing on something and not get around to it until days later.


It’s not that I intend to procrastinate….It’s more like I forget. I get side tracked very easily. I mean VERY easily!!!


I could be working on something and then the phone rings. The next thing I know, I’m working on a different project. An example would be I’m sitting here at the computer, the phone rings, then after getting off the phone, I go do the laundry.


The computer never gets another look again until it’s later on in the evening, and by then, I’m too tired to get back to the computer to finish my writing and such.


Do you procrastinate, or do you forget?




One thought on “P is for

  1. Oh, yeah, I need deliverance from procrastination, please! And boy, can I get side-tracked. I would hate to count how many times I have been in the middle of writing something and I’ll just take a “second” to look up something on the internet, only to lose hours of work time bouncing from site to site. Seriously, it’s a problem.


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