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Friday, April 25th, 2014




Up until moving to Florida, I was always moving around the state of New York. I was born in Brooklyn, and from there, I moved to Long Island.


Then I moved around twice in Long Island before moving to Queens. Then it was back to Valley Stream on Long Island. Then back to Hewlett, where my grandma was still residing. Then I moved around Long Beach…TWICE! Then finally we moved to Florida.


Being a vagabond when you’re a child is tough. It means you have to make new friends, and start all over. Your old friends want nothing to do with you. Then they’re mad at you for something that’s out of your control, like moving.


I once had this friend in Queens that wouldn’t even speak to me because I moved to VS, and then when I lived in LB, my other friend told me if I moved, she would never speak to me.


She really meant it. But truth be told, if you’re a friend, you’ll be a friend, no matter what.


FB helped me to connect with some old friends that did want to be my friend. We just lost touch after a few years. Either that, or I lost addresses and such.


If you’re a parent with underage children, please take this tip from me. If you’re going to move around, make sure that either you move in the same vicinity, or at least make sure the kid is being home schooled.





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