Y is for


Tuesday, April 29th, 2014



One time when I was younger, I was at my grandparents’ clothing shop. This lady was trying on this yellow jumpsuit, and I accidentally said out loud, “Yellow! Ew!”


The lady turned around and said, “I didn’t like yellow either when I was your age. Someday you’ll grow up to love yellow.”


It’s been quite a few decades since that incident, and I still don’t like yellow. I was always a purple and pink kind of girl.


Then one day when I was 15, I discovered I liked the color green. I had never liked the color green at all, but then I fell in love with green.


Yes, I am aware that green has nothing to do with yellow, but it does in some way, right? After all, it’s a mixture of blue and yellow. While yellow is not a bad color, I find it’s not a color that would go well with my olive toned skin. I even like the color orange—not because it’s the color of the NY Mets and Islanders—but I still don’t like any shade of yellow until it’s mixed with other primary colors. Eh, I read too much into things sometimes.


What’s your favorite color?



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