My Time Is Up

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Hey Everyone!

Wow!!!  This is some topic!!!  I really have no idea what to make of it, other than as always, it reminds me of a song…

“What am I? A clown for your amusement?”  That’s always been one of my favorite lines to say.  I feel like a damn clown to tell the truth.  I ain’t too proud to beg, but I do if necessary when I need something.  Well as most of you know, I’m a caretaker.  I care for my other half.  Dialysis and doctors appointments galore.  It leaves very little room to go job hunting.  Besides, I’m over-qualified for a job like Publix, and I’m under-qualified for a teaching job since I only have an associate’s degree in Communications.

Most places only hire part-time now-a-days because they don’t want to cough up the money to pay for medical benefits.  And I don’t mind working part-time.  It’s funny because at some point, you were saying I need a job for the money.  Now you’re saying I need a job for the medical benefits.  Unfortunately for me, I can’t get a job and therefore, there are no medical benefits coming my way.  Why?

1.) My son (My ONLY child, BTW) turned 18, and therefore I do not have a minor child living in the house.

2.) I am NOT disabled.

3.) I am not pregnant.

It seems as though I’ve been punished for being a caretaker and stopping after having one child.  Well, that’s what the letter from the post office read.  Oh, no!  Wait a minute!!!  Please, Mr. Postman!!!  Take this letter back!!!  And tell me this isn’t so….

Ah, welcome to America!!!  Where nothing you ever do is good enough, and all anyone does is discourage you and make you feel like sh*t for not having a job and for not having like 10 kids or so.

Our time is up…More like my time is up.  I guess I miscalculated my plans and now everything is all sorts of f*cked up.  I feel like crying, but I’m going to try to not focus on the fact that I care for someone who’s dying and relies on me to help him out.  Because no one cares if you’re working for free.

Until next time…




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