Friendship: Part II

Yeah, it really seems I have a serious issue with this topic.

Why the fuck do I meet crazy-ass people????

I don’t freaking get it.  Sorry for my cursing.  My inner New Yorker gets the best of me sometimes when I’m angry.  You should hear my accent when I’m pissed off.

I figure to write in here because apparently from the last post I wrote…No one is reading this shit anyway.

I wrote a poem as my last entry and someone left me a comment saying that it was a nice article???  WTF???  Really???  I think I’m dealing with bots on here or something.

So, I pretty much have no local friends.  I’ve ended my friendships with them all….

Either they’re too flaky and…Nope!  That’s pretty much it.

And my problem is I’ve either kept in touch with them because of some things that I’ve lent to them over the years.  I think I was just hanging on to the hope that I might get them back.

Or so I tell myself…
This is the fault of no one else but me.  I can’t believe how f-ing foolish and naive I can be when it comes to people.

You think you’re forming new friends, or trying to keep old ones, and they’re suddenly more “busy” than you.  Maybe I manage my time better than others and if that’s the case, well then I definitely deserve better friends.

I don’t hear from a specific person until I send them something via either text or email…Something like that.  Something that I see will remind me of them, and I’ll send them what I see because I’m showing them I’m thinking of them.  But it appears that I’ve been forgotten.

I am totally forgotten about until I send them a message and it’s really not fair.  That’s now how friendship is supposed to be.

So I found a pic online that reminded me of a friend and sent it to them.  They in return asked me if I wanted to hang out yesterday.  This plan was made on a Tuesday.

Like always, I always double-check to see if they’re home.  I don’t want to be one of those people that just show up and let’s say they’re either sick or they’re not home.

Well, when I was double-checking…Two hours later, that person texted me back and was like I’m in a meeting.  I was like let’s just rain-check it….And I never heard back from them.

Today, I was like let me just end this non-existent friendship anyway.  I mean, I last saw this person 2 years ago and it wasn’t like they were so concerned for me when I announced to the world that I was diagnosed with skin cancer.

Well, this was my last text to this person:

And I figured that with the way they reply two days later, I would have time to delete their number from my contacts, and block the number totally once I got home.  But I was too late.  That person sent me three texts….Which I didn’t even read.  I was just finally fed up.

I’ve known this person for seven years already.  That just shows you how long I can put up with someone before I finally become fed up.  Sad, huh?

I am forever meant to be alone in this world.  That’s for sure….Even this blog will go unheard and ignored…Well, except for the bots that post their comments….



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