You should have seen my journal last night.  It was pretty thought provoking considering I was dead tired…much like I am now.

I was just basically pointing out how it’s funny how when you give some not one, not two, but ten chances, they still choose to ignore you.  And so there’s only so much of being polite before you can show your annoyance and explode.

Here’s the catch:

I find it absolutely AMAZING how they will get mad at you for getting mad at them.  And then for a while there, you start thinking maybe it’s me.

But here’s the thing…I’m tired of others trying to make me feel guilty for getting mad.  Why should I feel bad?  They had ten chances to get it together before they know my breaking point.  Most people’s breaking point is after the third attempt of asking nicely.  Mine takes much, much longer.  Longer than most deserve.

Well, this blog was going to be a real pissy one, but I decided to change my mind.

Either that, or I’m more engrossed in my Tampa Bay Lightning game…And the fact that I’m tired and my brain is fried.  I’m more forgiving when I’m in this mood.



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