Facebook is Crack

You had to have known that this topic was going to come up one way or another, right?  Or do you STILL not know me yet???  LOL

You can find this cover art anywhere…You can even create it yourself.

Anyway…This is the sh*t that comes creeping through my head at night, just before I go to sleep.  And this is the same sh*t that will remain with me for days until I actually write it down.  It’s almost like I can’t forget about it and move on until I write this the f*ck down!!!  Yeah, that’s my weird mind, working for your eyes only.  You’re welcome.

Though I’m not sure if this occurs to many of you, but to someone like me with borderline OCD and all, yeah…FB stays with me.


I have no idea.

I’ve made great friends over the years.  No one locally.  Unfortunately those I have met locally, I’ve worked with.  That should have tipped me off to begin with.

I am NO LONGER friends with anyone I’ve once worked with.  That all just seems like a past life to me already.  This is a new life, yet here I am, still on Facebook.


It’s not like my advertisements to read my blog are working.  It’s not like people are joining the groups I created because they asked me to…

So, why???

Because it’s freaking CRACK!!!

That’s why.

There’s nothing new on there.

Everyone shares their religious and political views.  The depressing news has made its way on there.

OH, but there’s still the GAMES….that I’ve stopped playing.

I can only chalk it up to an OCD thing.  That’s my only answer….

It’s not like the notifications are for me….Nope!!!  They’re for a post that someone liked in the notes section of someone that tagged me.

It’s definitely not for the notes section where you can’t post a damn pic up from your phone/tablet.

It’s just one of those freakish things…

You go on to check….It’s like breathing.

Anyone can send you an email in this day and age to see how you are.

We don’t.

I get it…Some of us are shy…

But some of you…I actually know you…Well because you’re either a childhood friend or you’re family.  But that’s besides the point.

FACEBOOK is flat out CRACK!!!  End of story…


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