I probably shouldn’t be giving away my secret, but a good stalker is the kind that never gets caught.  For me, I am always looking up people.  I’m curious.  I’m an observer if you will.  I always have to know who I’m interacting with, and I have to know what they’re all about.  That’s just who I am…That’s just how I roll.

So, if I can, I find them on Facebook…I Google them.  But this is how I’ve always been.  Yeah, I probably could make a good private investigator, and make myself $329,104 per year…or month.  I’m not sure how this payroll thing works LOL.

So, yeah, a good stalker would be a private investigator, and probably someone who knows their chocolate.  Ha!!!  I have no idea.  I just threw that in for the prompts.

Speaking of chocolate….I wanted to post a different video from this movie, but I can’t find it.  But this was cute too.

And as for the pic…

Well, it reminds me of the Seal song A Kiss From a Rose….But I’m gonna jazz it up a bit and play the Jack Black version because I just adore JB.



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