I have learned a lot of things about my family and life.  It seems as though I’m learning something new every day about them.

When I was a little girl, my grandma always told me about how her father was killed in a Concentration Camp when she was a little girl.  I believe she said she was two years old.  Maybe she was older???

My grandma was born in 1936, and from there on, my great-grandmother–her mother–kept both my grandma and her sister from being taken away to one of those camps.

My aunt has light brown eyes and light brown hair.  No one ever suspected her as a Jew.  My grandmother, on the other hand, had dark brown hair and eyes, and apparently having a widow’s peak was a sign of being a Jew though I’m not really sure how you can tell just by those theories.

How I was told my great grandfather was sought to be a Jew was because the Nazi’s made him pull down his pants to see if he was circumcised or not.  Then I found out other things.  Like he was 33, and had red hair.

All I know is my grandma was hidden in one family, and her sister was hidden in another.  Apparently, my great-grandma was very knowledgeable in other languages, and her German accent was great…It was enough to fool the Germans.

When the war ended, thanks to the American soldiers, my family had a choice of either going to England or to America…They chose America.

Today, and every day, I am expressing my gratitude to those who allow me to have my freedom, and don’t have to be ashamed and hide in the shadows from danger.

With that being said, thank a soldier! 🙂



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