Letting Go

Mandy sighed at her dilemma.  She didn’t know quite how to handle her work-related situation anymore.

She had gotten a job working at a gym, watching kids while the parents work out and such.  Her co-worker was her childs’ age, and the two knew each other already.  The girl was only a teenager, working on partial days, and  yet Mandy couldn’t begin to fathom why Kayla was working there at all.  Kayla would leave the room half the time during their shift, leaving Mandy to handle the rowdy kids that came along.

Tuesday and Thursday nights are their busy nights.  Those are the days when it’s mandatory for two people to be present in the babysitting room.  Half the time, there was always a dilemma for Kayla, and she would either have to take the day off, or to leave early.  Mandy couldn’t understand how Kayla still had the job other than the fact that her mother was one of the hiring people that worked there.

Of course, granted, Mandy’s mother-in-law works there too, and that’s how Mandy got a job there.  She just needed something after taking a four-year hiatus off work to homeschool her kid, and to take care of her sick husband.

Months went by, and sometime in May–Maybe early May–the air conditioning at the job went out.  The babysitting room was already hot as it was when the AC was on.  The room just wasn’t very well ventilated.  Alright, that was fine by Mandy, they would have the air conditioning fixed soon, right?


Several weeks had passed and the air conditioner still wasn’t fixed.  On top of that, they cut the babysitting room in half.  It was already a small cubicle, and they decided to cut it in half.

It was up to Kayla and Mandy to rearrange the room.  Mandy tried the best she could, but on the days she wasn’t there, Kayla felt some things needed to be changed.  Kayla is only there right now because it’s summertime, and she will be back to her lackadaisical self once school resumes.

Mandy couldn’t help but notice how “open” the room was.  Mandy tried to explain to Kayla that the room isn’t supposed to be so open because kids could run around and get hurt.  She begs to differ, and by that point, Mandy just gave up and basically told Kayla to do what she wants because Mandy was in no mood to argue with someone who is going to have an answer for everything and say the opposite of what she is suggesting.

Mandy threw her hands up in the air.  She’s only spent 30+ something years on this earth.  Everything that Mandy has ever said has come true.  It may not happen right away, it may not happen next week, or in a year from now, but it does happen.  Everything that Mandy has ever said has come true.

But then again, what does Mandy know?  She only went to school and worked her butt off to get her degree in early childhood education.  She only knows the rules and regulation codes that are supposed to be there, but somehow this gym has the children and health department in their pockets.

But that’s OKAY!  She’s guesses we’ll all see how it all goes down when the house of cards goes tumbling down…and it usually does.

Let Karma Take Over

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