The Empath: Chapter 8

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Saturday, June 20th, 1987

Mary can sense the tension coming from Brave, but it’s not an angry kind of tension.  It’s more of a “I just met you, and we’re soulmates,” kind of tension.

Within a short moment, Ingrid is by Mary’s side.

“Kane,” Ingrid speaks.  “I see you’ve met my cousin, Margaret, and her boyfriend, Jonathan.”

Kane?  Mary thinks.  But he looks so much like Brave in her time.  And where is Stacy?  So many thoughts are wandering around in her mind.  She gives herself a mental shake.

“I’m sorry,” Kane stammers.  “From behind, I thought you were someone else.”

Mary can feel his apology.  “It’s quite alright,” she finally speaks.

“Penny isn’t here,” Ingrid speaks.

“Have you seen her?  I haven’t heard from her in a while.”

“No.  I haven’t heard from her either, now that you’ve mentioned it.”

Mary looks around to see that her mother is really thinking about it.  She looks up to see Jeremiah’s face, only to find he’s focused in on Ingrid’s facial expression.

This is too weird, even for Mary.  What is her purpose here in nineteen eighty-seven?  Of course with every generation, it’s always the same faces.  Perhaps it’s relation, but most times, it’s just coincidence.

She decides to cruise through the crowd and head outside where she can feel jealousy all of a sudden.  She looks around to find someone peering in the corner.  It’s dark outside, and Mary tries to adjust her eyes.  She sighs at the thought of someone being jealous.

The only person that has ever been truly jealous of her is Stacy.  Mary never understood jealousy.  She always thought about her mothers’ words when she always told her that, “Jealousy is a disease for the weak.”  And her mother was right.  Jealousy is indeed a disease, because it’s silly.

Everyone, at some point in their lives, think the grass is always greener.  The truth is, look at your own grass.  It’s just as green.

Mary decides to walk closer to the person, whoever it may be, who is standing behind the pineberries.

As she gets closer to the person, they turn to run.  Mary notices the long brown hair and the snow-white skin.  It’s Stacy.

Mary knows what her mission is, or at least she thinks she knows what her mission is.  She is to befriend Stacy, and get to the bottom of all this.  She is to find out why Stacy brought her back to this time and place.


The minute Stacy saw Mary, or who she knows as Margaret, she knew there would be competition brewing.  She saw Kane first, but then Penny got in her way.  And just as she took Penny out of the equation, suddenly this gorgeous blonde, who happens to look a lot like Penny, happens to show up.

It’s not fair, Stacy thought to herself in a tantrum.  All that ever rings in her head is a quote from Orson Welles:

We’re born alone. We live alone. We die alone.”

Just because I live alone, doesn’t mean I’ll die alone, she thinks to herself.  She heads home to devise a plan to get rid of this Margaret once and for all.



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