Today’s quote…


I was sad at what I heard
I was looking for a sign
Because you crossed my mind
Just to see if you were fine.

I cried so hard for a sign
When I found this at the light.
Is this really you?
Are you saying you’re alright?


Written by ©Diana Jillian 8/29/15


They never bother stopping by

And you question reasons why

You never see you’re the blame

Making others feel your shame

You punish people with your curses

And pushing them with your own verses

An “I told you so” given at your hand

As you control everything on your land

And you wonder why you’re alone

Or why no one goes near you

And if they do, It only out of fear

The misery you infest is true

©Diana Jillian 8/21/15

Go Away!

Go Away! Click Here!

I have no rhyme to my writing today

Not today

Too much has gone on

And sucked the life out of me

So here is my story to you

Monday mornings usually suck

But this time, I blame Tuesday

You had to go and ruin my week!

I can’t see the light of day

I can’t hear the thunder fading away

I can’t touch the rainbow

Because the storm still lingers

No sunshine to taste

No warmth to feel

No flowers to smell


©Diana Jillian 8/8/15

Oh, melancholy week, just go away!

Even if the dark angel is welcoming

I’m not ready to return home just yet

Not quite yet…