Mandy’s Lessons: I

Mandy reflected back on her life as far as having friends.

When she was sick and diagnosed with skin cancer, she thought about all the times she reached out to her “friends”.  They weren’t friends, Mandy thought to herself as she headed over to the refrigerator to make herself some breakfast.

While taking the eggs out and shutting the door, she thought some more about the topic.

Since childhood, Mandy has been trying to keep friends in her life.  Was she trying too hard?  She turns on the stove top, and places a pat of butter into the frying pan.

Whatever the situation was, she decided there on out, she was no longer going to let her past run her life.

She permanently deleted herself from social media, and decided it was time for a fresh start.

Those who were her friend to begin with, she would keep.  And those who left her to hang high and dry, would be forever wiped from her memory…or at least she wished she could have her memory of friends’ past wiped away.

Since that can’t happen, Mandy will just sit in silence, and enjoy her freshly cooked eggs.

A few months have passed, and Mandy has finally felt she’s at a place where she can finally be free.


She gets a text message one day from an area code she recognizes, but no longer has an association with.

When she asked who it was, she was surprised to learn it was from a friend she knew when she was three years old.

Mandy’s friend seemed genuinely concerned about her, which was shocking to Mandy’s ears because she’s not heard from her in months since she permanently deleted her social media account.

So, Mandy decided to keep her old friends’ number in her contacts.

One day, Mandy was asked to help her mother in law out with her computer.  It was then she stumbled upon an old picture with descriptions at the bottom.  They were addressed to several email addresses–including the old friend that had just texted her.

At first, Mandy thought she was being harsh, but that was never the case.  She recalled all the times she tried to make contact with this friend.  She tried calling, emailing, snail mail.  She got nothing from this friend.

Mandy knew in her heart she was right to let these people go.  If people act like they don’t care about you, listen to that feeling.  Because it’s true; they don’t care about you.

11693989_1believe important

Word of advice from Mandy:  Always trust your instincts.  Your truest family and friends are those who surround you all the time.  They call no matter what, and no matter how busy they are.  They do not pick up out of nowhere after not hearing from them for years.  Those are fake friends.  They’ve always been fake.  They will never be real.

Written 8/1/15 by ©Diana Jillian


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