Mandy’s Dilemma

Should she write?  Should she not bother?  Mandy wonders about this whole nanowrimo thing.

She is convinced she’s no longer a writer.  Better yet, she thinks labeling herself something she’s not is fooling herself.  Everyone she knows in her social media community is a writer of some sort.

There are poets….There are people who talk about their issues….And there are those that tell either short-stories, or long-stories.  Mandy covers them all.

She just doesn’t want to label herself as a writer.  What if she died tomorrow?  Would she be considered a failed writer?

She self-published once or twice.  Both were epic failures.

So now she wonders….Should she even bother in joining the nanowrimo thing?  What would be her benefit?  The only thing she can think of is perhaps being away from social media for a month….


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