Mandy and Social Media

Mandy got a text three weeks ago from a friend who disconnected themselves from social media.  Well, from the BIGGEST social media site out there!  We all know the site Mandy is referring to.

Mandy started thinking about it.  That social media site is her downfall.

She’s so consumed with all the likes she gets but in reality, she would be ignored.  And she does get ignored.

In fact, in her blogs she has told stories and while others comment, their final comments are something along the lines of, “Oh, I need to catch up!”  Or something like that.

Mandy wants to take a page out of her friend’s book.  She wants to cut herself off said social media site as well.  It’s a waste of her time and it diminishes her creativity.

But there is one page Mandy likes to go to once a Week.  She likes the weekly prompts that are given for her blog topics.  Those keep her creativity going.

The reasons why is because it gives Mandy the incentive to do some research.  It enriches her mind to other possibilities out there.

So while Mandy will go back to the way things were from January to March earlier this year–that means only going on said social media site once a week for blog prompts–she’s pretty much done with that said social media site as well.

It’s not that great of a site.  It doesn’t display things in order.  Half the time you’ll see a post from two days ago.  It’s not like the Picture social site or other blogging sites where they show everything in a timely fashion.

Mandy will be happier for this in the end.

It’s not like anyone out there will miss her anyway.


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