Mandy and Blog Pages

Over the week and weekend, Mandy decided to clean up her blog pages….Since she’s no longer on said social network site, she has quite a bit of time on her hands.

She was cleaning up her blog pages….She noticed she had about several blog pages open.  But what exactly were they for?

Well, one of them was for her stories that she writes.

Another one is for the jewelry and artwork she creates.  She also uses that page to show how she revamps clothing and such.

She took the blog pages that had no meaning, and switched all her posts to her most frequently used blog pages.  It’s a long and tedious process.

It might have taken her a while to complete…Nearly a week later, but she’s accomplished it.

Then she decided to separate her other two blogs..Meaning she has five blog pages…and turn them into private mode.  One for dreams, and one for journal writing.

But then something happened yesterday.  Mandy was working on one of her blog pages and she put a note down to the audience saying if they want to read her stories, to go to this website, and that’s when it dawned on her.

She realized that whenever someone creates a webpage, they always have multiple tabs for others to go to.

And when you can’t afford a webpage, you create blog pages.

So now Mandy is thinking about putting one of her pages back to public, and creating a new category.

Only  time will tell.

She definitely knows she should separate her blogs like you would on Pinterest or anywhere else.  That’s why they allow you to add more blog pages.

Mandy, Dilemma 7


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