I want to write the last bit of my story.  I think I actually had an epiphany.  It all started when I got my hours cut.  I worked every single day in the month of October…with the exception of three days.

Don’t jump to conclusions when I write a random thought in here.  I’ve had to change my story telling from my perspective, to the perspective of a made up character named Mandy in order to show that I just write what the prompts give me.

Last week’s topic felt a bit random…And recently I had given up on something.  It doesn’t mean anything more than that.  It didn’t mean that I got annoyed at the notifications not being for me.  It didn’t.  I’m a big girl, I know what to expect.

I’m not expecting a sunset on my life any time soon these days.  And while life is short, you still have a long life to live.  It’s all about your perception.

When I had horrible friends, I wanted a short-lived life.  Once I got rid of them and all their negative juju…however you call it…I started looking forward to getting older.  There is a saying I see lurking around the internet that says something like getting old is a privilege denied by many.  I believe that’s true.

I can’t remember what’s what anymore these days, which is an odd thing considering I never forget anything.  I changed accounts so much it’s probably made heads spin.  Or it’s still spinning as we speak!!!

Like driving around in a car, and having a donkey run the engine?  IDK.  I’m looking at this picture and thinking…what the???

I was going to make a list of quotes and put them in artwork….I got lazy, but here’s one:

Just so you know I wasn’t kidding about the artwork:

I don’t know why I titled this blog “Last.”  I just did.  I was getting somewhere but…well…I forgot!



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