The Chemistry

To read previous entries, here are the links:   Part I:   Part II:   Part III:   And now for part IV:   He wanted to know what I remember.  To tell the truth, it’s all in bits and pieces.  I do…

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Remember When: Part III

Remember When: Part III

To catch up on the previous stories: Part I: Part II: And now for part III: No one in this day and age believes in angels anymore.  If a human were to see an angel do such magic, they would believe they were hallucinating.  Or they would think such an angel were a…

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How We Met: Part II

How We Met: Part II

How we met:  Part II Cody’s Story: Now, I’m not one for folk music.  But the nineteen-sixties—and that’s including the seventies—were a very strange time.  A strange time indeed.  Though while Diana was in her coma just dreaming away of the same day over and over again, all I could think of was Leonard Cohen’s Stories Of The Street: “ With one hand on the hexagram and one hand on the girl   “I…

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I am reviving this story….I originally shied away from this because I was sensitive and I took it to heart that only one sentence was focused on!  It was part of the prompts…Anyway, fast forward to three years later…I think I am ready to quit being so silly and sensitive and, just finish this dang story already!



Here are the links for the previous stories:

Part I

Part II

Part III

Part IV

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Part VI:  Meanwhile in Purgatory…


“We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.”

~~Marilyn Monroe

We are either stars
Or we’re star dust
We can either twinkle
Or we can just bust

The choice is always ours



Purgatory is not a horrid place like everyone thinks.  Well, I mean it’s not a hellish looking place.  Though I will tell you this much:  Purgatory is always in the starkness of winter.  It never gets tepid, or a room temperature feeling.  It’s always freezing.  Even someone like me can feel how frigid it is here.  But we’re not talking about Purgatory; we’re talking about something much more sinister.

The dragons, dinosaurs, and leviathan pale in comparison to my father–who cast a curse on me in order to keep me away from Cody.  I’m not here to ask for my fathers’ forgiveness.  I am here to see if I can call a truce.  Cody and I deserve to be happy.  After all, like Marilyn Monroe once said, “We are all of us stars, and we deserve to twinkle.”



To Be Continued…



PS.  This is all I got.  If I delay any longer, I’m afraid I’ll miss the deadline!


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