I always remember to post in Blogger and FB, but never here!

*Amative–Disposed to love.

When you start walking my way
I will find a way to change my day
There is nothing you can ever say
I will always find some way to hide

I can never be this image of society
A never ending value of propriety
And those days arrive with anxiety
Fighting over physical and spiritual

Think the things you do or do not
Of what can, but not worth the shot
It doesn’t matter if the feelings are hot
Butterflies in the mist can linger a bit

Of the person you expect me to be
I’m a lady of values, can’t you see?
In another life, I suppose that’s me
But not when I want a guilt free life

You will have to find a path that’s new
I can tell you I’m always loyal and true
I only deserve a life unloved and blue
For I will never be an *amative soul

I find the theory of everything in sing
Pulling upon me like a guitar string
But still, I cannot go along this thing
Because I don’t trust myself enough!

Touch the frayed edges of the rope
finding within, there’s only the cope
While there is life, there is hope
My hope is already dead and gone

Myself; I am the only one to blame
Hush, hush because I know this game
Came falling down like a hurricane
But I will reason and wash it away

©Diana Jillian 2/18/16


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