A to Z Challenge


atoz 2016 challenge

I realize we’re a month away from the A to Z challenge.  I don’t know what I’ve gotten myself into as I am working and running around.  I barely have time for my weekly blogs as is.  I don’t even have time to work on the stories that are plotting around in my head anymore.

I have been trying to look for another job…but I’ve been working 25+ hours a week.  To most of  you, you may think that’s nothing.  But to me….it’s everything!  I barely get a day off to clean up the house. I have a husband that is recovering from a kidney transplant back in January.  Things are a little cray for me!

So….and if my ADHD doesn’t avert me away….I hope to be as successful as I was last year and the year before.  I tried this once before….like five years ago or so, and lets just say it did NOT work out!  I think I was confused on the concept….Well, we shall soon see!




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