Elaine couldn’t express more on how elated she was now that her birthday was over.  She can go back to no one noticing her, as usual.

She could never understand the big deal about birthdays.  Were they there to make up for lost contact for the whole year?  She viewed birthdays as a guilt trip for everyone else but her.

And why not?  Elaine thought to herself.  She’s always been there for others when they needed her.  Even if she was the last person on their list to call for help, she was always there.

Then one day, Elaine’s being there for everybody just stopped.  She decided to stop being a welcome mat for people.  It was time that she started doing things for herself.  And that’s what she did.

Now, years come and go, and people still celebrate her birthday.  She used to look forward to her birthdays if it meant seeing her friends at least once a year, but now, Elane is elated once her birthday ends.

It means she doesn’t have to put up with the phonies she once called “friends”!

She can enjoy her life with her dogs and her companion.  What could be truer friends?


Written by ©Diana Jillian


PS:  Feel free to leave me your links in the comments section.  I am a few weeks behind on commenting on blogs from a previous group I am in…But I will get to your blogs eventually!



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